Why High Heels Are Bad For You

Why high heels are bad for you

High heels: a reason why women choose beauty and fashion over comfort and health Women want to look beautiful and literally stand out by wearing high heels. Women, both tall and short, seem to exude more confidence whenever they wear high heels. High heels have this bad reputation as being unhealthy and … Read more

Print Shoes with a 3D Printer

Its Real – You Can Print Shoes with a 3D Printer!

It’s amazing how many of the things in science fiction books, television shows, and movies have become part of reality. For instance, in “Star Trek” the crew could go to a Replicator and order food, drinks or anything they could program into the computer. Before long, the item would appear. With the … Read more

Check Out The History of Platform Shoes

Check Out The History of Platform Shoes

The History of Platform Shoes It seems that platform shoes have made their way back into fashion once again. This type of shoe has soles at least four inches thick and has been around for quite a while. In fact, they date back to ancient times, with examples being evident in the … Read more

Fashionable Jackets for Fall & Winter

Fashionable Jackets for Fall & Winter

Fashionable jackets bought for the fall may also be worn during the winter months. People enjoy having a jacket that fits their wardrobe and accentuates their lifestyle. A jacket can be an invaluable accessory for many outfits, so make sure it matches several items.   The colors you select will determine if … Read more

Owning a Rolex Watch Is Still a Status Symbol

Rolex — the watch of the rich and famous When you think of Rolex you think of luxury, distinction, quality and yes money. There are some brands the rich and famous want to be seen with including Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Hermes, Starbucks, Gucci (at least in other countries), and … Read more

How Shoes Are Made

How Shoes Are Made

Footwear is defined as a garment that is worn around the foot. Their basic function is to protect our feet. Lately, though, footwear has become one of the important parts of fashion, coming in different colors, styles, and shapes, but the basic function of protection is still there. There are many types … Read more

Watches That Do More Than Tell Time

Watches That Do More Than Tell Time Traditionally, the sole purpose of watches was to tell us the time. Many might still think that watches that stuffed with gadgets only existed in science fiction and detective stories. But now, watches that have lots of functions, aside from telling time, have become a … Read more

Omega Watches: A Long-Standing History

Omega Watches A Long Standing History

Omega is one of the world’s most recognized and highly-regarded watch brands. It comes from a country that still considers watchmaking a painstaking product of science and a work of art — Switzerland. The foundations of Omega “Omega,” of course, is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and represents accomplishment and … Read more