TV series that changed fashion history

For decades since the first invention of moving pictures and visual entertainment, there is no denying that television has given us more insight into the world, among all other things. Television shows, for instance, paved the way for some genius minds to share their ideas with the world. From futuristic scientific inventions, societal and moral issues, and even crazy fashion styles that broke the norms and will later make their debut in the years to come.

The empowering and validating nature of television shows primarily in the world of fashion can never be undermined. We know how some of us dress now, and TV shows have influenced the fashion trends and styles that we all embody today in the past. If you are a fan of films and TV shows, you may be familiar with some on this list. Here are five television shows and sitcoms that changed fashion history.

1. GOSSIP GIRL (2007)

Gossip Girl is a 2007 teen drama TV series exploring the exciting adventure of adolescents living privileged, upper-class lives in the Upper East Side (UES) of Manhattan. This TV series is a win-win for fashion lovers, featuring ‘to-die-for closets and wardrobes that are truly glam and awe-inspiring. Not only that, we get to see the show’s characters, Blair and Serena, slay their day-to-day outfits, giving due justice to their apparel. Teenagers and high schoolers would surely love to see how the two did to their school uniforms! Summer, winter, casual – you name the occasion. Gossip Girls did a fantastic job inspiring most of our fashion styles today.

2. THAT GIRL (1966)

Set in the 60s, this sitcom starring Marlo Thomas is that kind of TV show that didn’t fail to present the audience with legendary fashion moments in each episode. That Girl follows the story of Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas’ role), an aspiring actress who leaves her hometown to take a shot in New York City. Struggling to get a permanent job, the young lady tried making ends meet – getting into sideline jobs in her between auditions and bit parts. That Girl represented the fashion style of the 60s, and throughout the sitcom, the main character changed her style to adapt and reflect the changing fashion trend of the era. In addition, each episode featured Ann Marie’s often comical costume change, which fans loved and dared to imitate. 


This one exciting sitcom starring Will Smith as the fictionalized character of himself gave us both cringe and satisfaction as we watch contrasting fashion styles clash. This television sitcom tells the story of the street-smart teenager whose life began to change when he moved to his uncle and aunt’s mansion in Bel-Air. But, Smith’s West Philly descent and fashion sense proved to be too much to handle in his new, high-class home, with his striking neon vest, backward hats, and printed outfits. Nonetheless, this fashion trend in the 80s and 90s is so on point, and heavily influenced viewers at that time, thanks to Smith’s confidence and bearing.

4. FRIENDS (1994)

It is almost too surprising to note that even after 17 years since its finale, Friends is still one of the best binge-worthy and iconic American sitcoms ever made. With ten seasons that lasted for almost a decade, Friends have never failed its viewers in giving life lessons about discipline, romantic feels, friendship advice, sarcastic and quirky wits delivered in perfect comedic timing, and fashion styles. An ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courteney Cox as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler, and David Schwimmer as Ross, the sitcom is a full-blown banquet of comedy, friendship, and romance. But, apart from these treats, Friends also offered us a decade of fashion styles and outfit-decision inspirations that are still relevant even today. For instance, the three main lady characters, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe, hinted at various and diverse fashion senses that were genuinely worth imitating. Rachel presented superb office wear and classic separates. Monica gave us her timeless monochrome and plaid shirt choices. And Phoebe, with her interestingly weird personality, gave us a taste of her Bohemian oversized knitwear and dangles.

5. SEX AND THE CITY (1998)

HBO’s Sex and the City is a definition of fabulous fashion in TV shows. Interestingly, according to the show’s lead designer, Patricia Field, the TV series never meant to leave a ‘fashion mark,’ at least not intentionally. How Sex and the City built its reputation o being the pinnacle of fashion in TV shows is all coincidental given the actresses’ brilliant portrayal of their diverse and unique characters, as well as their confidence in carrying their OOTDs. Moreover, the actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon proved to be fashion icons themselves, garnering the love that the show deserves, especially from fashion lovers.