Shows to Watch for a Fashion Lover

The fashion business has come a very long way ever since people discovered how to dress not only for protection and aesthetics but for social validation and a good impression. People recognized depending on the occasion. In today’s modern world, fashion is not only about being correctly dressed – it has become an art, a form of expression (and sometimes, rebellion) itself. The way one dress is his statement; his personality.

Unlike before, more and more people are gaining access to the world of fashion, all thanks to mainstream media and the continuous thriving of online video streaming platforms such as Netflix. If you are into fashion and binge-worthy shows, then this list would surely hype you up. 


As a fashion and TV show lover, you surely haven’t miss Netflix’s biggest series ever – Bridgerton. With its London high society setting and Pride and Prejudice vibe, no wonder it ranks No. 1 in 83 countries and has been in the Top 10 in all 190 countries who have access to the platform. The show is packed with London elites, garden parties, and prestigious balls. The Bridgerton family and all other exciting characters put on their glamorous garb and fairytale-kike ball gowns that will satiate your eyes and give you a glimpse of living in high society.


Fashion icons and elites from Asia are not to be meddled with. Earning the title “crazy-rich Asians,” most of these celebrities deserve the spotlight with their vast collection of luxurious clothing and jewelry. The Netflix reality TV Show, Bling Empire, starring Asian fashion idols and celebs, gives you a sneak-peek into Beverly Hill’s legit crazy-rich Asians. It is jawdropping and awe-inspiring to see them don classy and lavish couture from famous brands such as Versace, Dior Homme, and Dolce & Gabbana.


If you’re searching for inspiration to up your man fashion, Queer Eye is a must-watch. It doesn’t matter whether you are straight or not – every Queer Eye episode gives you tips and techniques on how to dress yourself to reveal your personality by so doing appropriately. The Fab Five, the alternate name of the show’s casts, shares valuable insights regarding men’s fashion, skincare, and often life lessons.


Fan of Hollywood fashion? Well, good thing Styling Hollywood is streaming on Netflix. This TV show lets you peek into Hollywood fashion – delving into the biggest and most famous celebrity wardrobes. Styling Hollywood features almost everything inside Hollywood related to fashion: from the red carpet, evening gala to outfits and garments in a particular Hollywood film.


Competition-wise, there is no greater fashion competition TV show other than Next in Fashion. With over ten episodes of the season, every fashion lover would agree that the series reeks of glam and class with 18 professional fashion designers vying for the grand prize and a promising debut collection with a luxurious brand. Hosted by fashion gurus Alexa Chung and Tan France, this Netflix show is probably the ultimate fashion completion there is.


Despite being a reboot of the American primetime TV show of the same name, Dynasty has proven itself among the most satiating TV series to binge-watch. Apart from the characters’ compelling and gripping performances, you just can’t help admiring the actors’ sparkly and classy dresses. Set in a society where only the rich rules, various fashion ideas are tossed on stage, giving the show a pleasant and glamorous ambiance.


Woman empowerment? Back-to-the-50s fashion vibe? The Girls from Ipanema is your best bet. This exciting and powerful series explores the story of the female lead, Maria’  Malu’ Luiza, as she finds new love and hope after being ditched by her husband in Rio de Janeiro. Together with her other equally gorgeous girlfriends, Malu sets out on a journey of self-healing and romance. The show rekindles the flair of mid-20th century Brazil and celebrates the fashion style of that era through these lovely young women.


Although set in a bygone era, there is no doubt that The Great Gatsby is still one of the best fashion movies ever created. This romantic drama, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same title, was more than just a romantic love affair – it was also a celebration of an iconic decade of fashion. It showcased to the world some of the best fashion styles during the Roaring Twenties. One can easily admire how men’s fashion during that time still echoes that of today’s. And oh, it is starred by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself.