How Medical Technology Has Improved Cosmetic Surgery

How Medical Technology Has Improved Cosmetic Surgery

Medical technology has revolutionized the field of cosmetic surgery and has made it much safer and more accessible for patients. From minimally invasive procedures to advanced imaging technology and robotic surgery, the most trusted cosmetic surgeon in Mobile AL is known to provide the highest level of care and results for his … Read more

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaid dresses

A wedding is considered one of the most difficult and expensive events to organize, as there are multiple aspects of it that need to be taken care of so that the wedding would look much better and more organized. One of those important aspects is choosing the dresses for the bride and … Read more

What Type of Hats and Headdresses Were Traditionally Worn in Russia?

an old photograph of Princess Olga Konstantinovna Orlova wearing a Kokoshnik for the 1903 Ball in the Winter Palace

Headdresses are significant indicator of a historical fashion of a certain country. A headdress was an essential part of a Russian peasant’s outfit. When leaving their homes, all village community members were required to completely cover their heads (and, for women, their hair). A bare head was an embarrassment (for women) and … Read more

Learn About The History Of The Afghan Karakul

portrait of Hamid Karzai wearing a Karakul hat

For hundreds of years, Afghanistan has been a place with rich culture and numerous ethnicities. All these Afghan ethnicities have colorful histories and cultures that everyone must know of. One aspect that could showcase the way of life of these different ethnicities is the headgear that the people wear. Each Afghan ethnicity … Read more

What Type of Hats and Headdress Were Traditionally Worn in China?

an illustration of Liu Bei Tang wearing a Chinese traditional hat

What images spring to mind when thinking of traditional Chinese hats and headdresses? Traditional headdresses are an important part of Chinese civilization and play an important role in the country’s culture and history. This article will gaze at the various styles of headdresses that existed during each of China’s major dynasties. Brief … Read more

What Type Of Hats And Headdress Were Traditionally Worn In Japan?

a woman in Kimono wearing a hat

Headwear is a representation of a historical fashion and an essential component of virtually every costume.  Hats and hairstyles frequently signify rank, position, occupation, and other distinctions.  It was not the case that hats were worn randomly, although there was some element of personal choice within a specified range.  Therefore, we shall … Read more

What Hats Were Worn by Women in the 1600s?

a painting of a young woman wearing a white coif

The 16th century was known as the Age of Absolutism and Religious Wars. Absolutism refers to the belief in absolute principles, such as those found in philosophy or politics. Despite the extreme change during this period, the hats were flamboyant, romantic, and extravagant. The grandiosity of the 1600s fashion and hats defined … Read more

Learn About the Gaucho Hat

A gaucho hat is among the most commonly associated Gaucho clothing items with the classic South American gaucho. Many people associate traditional gauchos with a distinct physical appearance that includes a particular style of hat, shirt, saddle, pants, boots, and head covering. Although the term refers to people who live in the … Read more

Learn About the Russian Ushanka

an Ushanka and boots hanged on a wooden fence

When we discuss an army or a sizable number of soldiers, we must consider military operations. During military operations, they use a variety of weapons to safeguard themselves and attack their adversaries. Of course, they must undergo extensive skill and physical training to be ready to face their enemies and protect themselves. … Read more

What Hats Were Worn by Women in the 1800s?

a drawing of women and a girl wearing gowns and different types of hats

Every season—spring, fall, summer, and winter—was awash in hats in the nineteenth century. There were hundreds of options! Popular clothing fashions and hairstyles heavily influenced women’s hat styles. Newspapers advised women to wear colors that complemented their clothing and complexions. Men’s hats were symbolic of status and more functional, or they were … Read more

What Hats Were Worn by Women in the 1700s?

In the 18th century, women wore various hats. Throughout the 1700s, hats evolved from caps to bonnets, and her social status frequently determined the type of hat a woman wore. Hats replaced the 17th century’s coiffed, more outrageous hairstyles. The style of women’s hats changed dramatically between the 1700s and the 1800s. … Read more

The Different Types of Hair Closures

colored hair strands

The hair on our head is arguably one of the most important parts of our body. But, its importance is not just because it protects our scalp from the harmful elements but because it serves as an essential fashion piece where you can express your personality through different hairstyles and haircuts. However, … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Pattie Boyd

Patti Boyd in the Liverpool Beatles Convention

Pattie Boyd is one of Flare Street’s biggest influences and a photographer and captivating model in her own right. Pattie Boyd, along with Jean Shrimpton, was the epitome of the British female ‘look’ of the era, having learned the craft at a young age and being one of the biggest models in … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Lauren Hutton

a smiling Lauren Hutton in 1997

Lauren Hutton, the original supermodel and face of American fashion is equal parts intelligence, beauty, and sense of humor. She is also an age-positive voice, inspiration, a symbol of empowerment, and a role model to some. She was loved by women who remember Lauren dancing the rest of the night at Studio … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Donyale Luna

a black and white photo of Donyale Luna with her thumb and pointer fingers making a ring in front of her left eye

African American models were seen in black magazines like Ebony and Jet before the Civil Rights Movement in America, but non-white models were never seen on the runway, on the covers of Western fashion magazines, or in advertising. The race-based prohibition began to end with that movement, particularly the 1964 Civil Rights … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton at the opening on 17 September 1965 of an exhibition at the Galerie Krikhaar in Amsterdam

Jean Shrimpton, widely regarded as the world’s first supermodel, was the It-Girl of the 1960s, epitomizing the desired “Swinging London” look and laying the groundwork for how fashion would evolve. With her large eyes, slim figure, fringe bangs, and long legs, she was dubbed “The Face Of The 1960s,” “Most Beautiful Girl … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Veruschka

a photo focusing on Veruschka von Lehndorff sitting at a table surrounded by other people in Munich

Few faces are more associated with the 1960s youthquake than Veruschka. The German countess was discovered when she was 20 years old while studying art in Florence. She soon decamped to New York City, where she altered her name from Vera to Veruschka, becoming one of the decade’s most in-demand supermodels, regularly … Read more

Who Are the Most Famous Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time?

Oprah Winfrey filming in Denmark in 2009

Some celebrities become interested in acting after appearing in their middle school’s theater production, while others are discovered at the mall. However, another group of celebrities made their mark in the spotlight by donning gowns, sashes, and tiaras. It stands to reason that a beauty queen could one day become a celebrity. … Read more

What Are the Four Major Beauty Pageants?

the Miss World logo

The Big League, also known as the Big Four Pageants, refers to the four most important international beauty pageants for women: Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth. Hundreds of thousands of beauty pageants are held each year, but the Big Four are widely broadcast and covered by the media. … Read more