Fun facts about 90s fashion

men in 90s style clothes

In contrast to the more ornate and showy styles of the 1980s, the 1990s saw a return to minimalist fashion, which helped to define the decade’s fashion. The widespread acceptance of tattoos, body piercings other than ear piercings, and, to a much lesser extent, other types of body alteration like branding, was … Read more

What is special about satin?

crumpled gold fabric

What Is Satin? Along with twill and plain weaves, satin is one of the three primary textile weaves. A shiny, flexible, elastic fabric with a wonderful drape is produced by the satin weave. A duller surface on one side and a smooth, glossy shine on the other is how satin cloth may … Read more

What is special about crepe?

detail of an aerophane dress, c 1827

The French word crêpe, which is anglicized as crepe, refers to a little, thin pancake that is typically eaten with sugar or lemon juice. It’s reasonable to claim that crepe fabric may share some similarities with the crêpe pancake. Of course, nobody would dress in pancake-based attire. So, what precisely is crepe … Read more

What is special about velvet?

colorful sofa near the round table in flat

Velvet has been prized for decades for its luxurious feel and stunning beauty. From its ancient origins to its use in modern fashion and décor, velvet has always been a popular choice for anyone seeking elegance and sophistication. But what makes velvet so special? This article will explain the characteristic features of … Read more

What is special about chiffon?

an extended arm of a woman in white chiffon long sleeves

A lightweight, plain-woven fabric with a subtle sheen is created using the weaving technique known as chiffon. Small puckers created by the chiffon weave give the cloth a somewhat abrasive feel to the touch. These puckers are made with crepe yarns with the s-twist and z-twist twists, which are twisted in opposition … Read more

What are the 12 different types of fabrics for clothes?

drop of water on water-resistant textile

Clothing is an essential part of life, and the fabric we select affects its comfort and durability. Given the wide variety of materials available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for various types of clothing. Knowing the properties of each fabric will help you make … Read more

How long does yeast live on clothing?

assorted clothes

Many people suffer from yeast infections, which are frequently attributed to donning sweat-soaked garments. But did you know that yeast may survive for weeks or even months on clothing? This brings up a crucial issue: how long does yeast survive on clothing? This article will look at the solution to that query … Read more

What kills yeast infection on clothes?

colorful clothes peg on a washing line

When clothing becomes infected with Candida or other fungi that can spread illnesses, the condition is referred to as having a yeast infection on clothing. Yeasts of the type of Candida are naturally present in the body, but when they overgrow, they can infect the mouth, genitalia, and skin folds. When a … Read more

What is Gamer Fashion?

A girl playing while sitting on a beanbag chair

As the online world is expanding, so does the amount of interest surrounding the gaming industry and everything about it. Whether it’s MMORPGs, console games, online games, casino games, or even mobile apps – more people are trying gaming. As a result, a new trend has been arising: gamer fashion. Whether it’s … Read more

The Merging of Politics and Fashion

A person in a blue suit holding a mic in his hand

What does a world of glitter and glam have to do with a boring realm of politics? Well, everything! You can tell a lot about a person even before they say anything. Their dressing sense and overall personality speak more about the message they want to convey than their actual words. Fashion … Read more

Strangest Hairstyles throughout the History

a woman with double buns hairstyle

Hairstyles have been the style statement for centuries. One of the salient features that represent your personality is your hairstyle. Different models and celebrities are keen about the feature to look idiosyncratic and stand out among others. Hairstyles change your outlook as nothing else can do.  If you want to learn more … Read more

Interesting Facts about Polyester

polyester mesh close up

Although almost everyone has heard about polyester, only a small percentage of people know what it is. Very few people read the labels on garments when shopping; that is why they’re unaware of what they are wearing. Therefore, there is a possibility that you might have numerous polyester clothes in your closet … Read more

Interesting Facts about Fashion Shows

a model posing for Elle Saab at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are the most anticipated events of the year for everyone in the fashion industry. Be it the designers, photographers, fashion critiques, bloggers, models, makeup artists, or investors, these fashion weeks give the best opportunity to showcase everything they have been working on during the last year. Fashion designers work their … Read more

Top 10 British Fashion Brands

A male model on a runway

London is known for being one of the fashion capitals of the world. It’s also known as the creative capital, as some of the top fashion designers of the globe are based in the United Kingdom. Britain in general boasts some of the best fashion colleges ever, including Central Saint Martins and … Read more

Let Your Wardrobe Glow with a Stunning Chanderi Jacket

Let Your Wardrobe Glow with a Stunning Chanderi Jacket

There are occasions when you have to wear a traditional outfit, and those are the times when you want to kill it by looking gorgeous. But the question is, how are you going to do it? And the answer is by purchasing some breathtaking chanderi jacketsto add to your wardrobe. And if … Read more

7 Bathing Suit Trends That Made It Big In 2020

The summer of 2020 has been pretty exciting for style divas, considering the amazing trends that have ruled the fashion circles this season. It was all about bright colors and eye-catching styles in every garment you can imagine. Bathing suits were no exception, with unusual cuts, colors, and styles coming to the … Read more

Random Facts about Fashion

Random Facts about Fashion

If you’re a fashion geek, you might be aware that Coco Chanel invented the “little black dress,” and Valentino Garavani popularized red dresses. But surely, there are still many fashion tidbits you may not know about. Here are some random facts: 1. Eyebrows on fleek Nowadays, any self-respecting fashionista will never leave … Read more

Interesting Facts about Victoria’s Secret

Interesting Facts About Victoria Secret

You’ve seen their sizzling and phenomenal runway shows, but how much do you know about the queen of lingerie, Victoria Secret? We’ve all seen the fashion shows, admired the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and probably have the few VS products stashed away in our dresser drawers. While Victoria’s Secret might be a well-known … Read more

Top Iconic Fashion Events

Top Iconic Fashion Events

Fashion might be a rapidly expanding and glamorous industry today, but it wasn’t always like this in the past. We now see whole shows being dedicated to fashion, with numerous designers and brands coming out and being successful due to the huge market for fashionable items. The fashion industry owes its present … Read more

Top Models of the 80s

Top Models of the 80s

The 1980s is a decade that inspires a lot of nostalgia among the generation that grew up in those years. It was a time of optimism, hope, and a feeling of moving forward. This atmosphere was reflected in the fashion of the 80s, with the big hair, funky clothes, and love for … Read more

Top Models of the 70s

In every decade that boasted iconic fashion, we might also have certain iconic models to display all that fashion in a proper manner. Designers rely on models to wear their creations in a way that will make the items both trendy and in demand. Hence, supermodels have been important figures in the … Read more

Top Fashion Editors

Top Fashion Editors

The unsung heroes of this industry — the fashion editors and stylists — are behind the huge success of the leading fashion magazines and publications in the world. They’re also the ones responsible for fashion’s most iconic looks in almost every decade. Without fashion editors, the fashion scene of today simply wouldn’t … Read more