Exploring the Evolution of Style and Fashion Trends Through the Decades

Jacqueline Kennedy at Vijay Chowk, New Delhi in March 1962

The journey of fashion through the ages encapsulates a rich tapestry of social evolution, cultural shifts, and technological advancements. From the elaborate constrictions of the Edwardian era’s “S-bend” corset to the freeing influence of mid-20th-century ready-to-wear, fashion trends have both mirrored and influenced societal changes. Early historical designs, rooted as far back … Read more

How to Wear Traditional Japanese Clothing

How to Wear Traditional Japanese Clothing

Introduction Japanese kimonos are Japan’s most stunning and distinctive traditional clothing; almost everyone is familiar with them.  You might be surprised to learn that “kimono,” which translates to “thing that is worn,” comprises a wide range of styles and can be worn in Japan for various events.  Kimonos are ingrained in Japanese … Read more

Guide to Traditional Japanese Fashion

Woman in red and white kimono

Introduction Japan’s vibrant and diverse culture has attracted Western nations since the beginning. The apparel is one of the features that captures this ethnic diversity so perfectly. Japanese culture is fundamentally based on traditional clothes. In Japan, several of these garments have been worn for many centuries. Yukata, geta, haori, and kimonos.They … Read more

Guide on Washing Dress Shirts

Four assorted-color

Introduction Dress shirts are a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and they are intended to be worn and not worshipped, which makes them dirty. A high-quality dress shirt, however, can last for several years while still looking beautiful with the proper maintenance. They’re versatile, stylish, and sophisticated. However, washing dress shirts can … Read more

Tips for Styling a Dress Shirt

Bowtie Dress Shirt Cufflinks

Introduction Typically made from starchy cotton, a dress shirt is a long-sleeved, collared shirt with buttons along the front. Even though they are all button-up styles, this elegant wardrobe essential has a more naturally formal vibe than a flannel shirt or a denim shirt. It is frequently paired with dressy or business … Read more

What are the Different Styles of Dress Shirts?

Blue button up shirt on white table

Introduction One of the most common and significant menswear pieces is the dress shirt. Having a dress shirt in your collection is essential for creating stunning looks because they are timeless pieces for men’s clothing. When it comes to shirts, having a variety of options is crucial. They serve as the center … Read more

What is an Oxford Shirt?

Black smartphone on long-sleeved shirt

Introduction When it comes to men’s dress shirts, many individuals need clarification. Men’s fashion involves various designs, styles, materials, and collars. Wearing the incorrect point on your collar frequently results in getting turned away from formal events or not being taken seriously in crucial business meetings. Recently, there has been a lot … Read more

What Is the Importance of Having Business Uniforms for a Business?

What Is the Importance of Having Business Uniforms for a Business?

Many workplace concerns are discretionary business decisions, including employee perks, uniforms, and rules and regulations. The determination of whether or not to mandate uniforms for workers is one example. There are many different kinds of uniforms, but it’s no secret that they’ve been used in some workplaces for decades. Those working in … Read more

Tips for Taking Care of Leather Clothing

Tips for Taking Care of Leather Clothing

Maintaining a regular care routine for your precious leather clothing will ensure longevity and a luxurious appearance. Whether it’s a stylish leather jacket, chic leather pants, modern-style leather shoes, or a trendy leather dress, maintaining the quality and appearance of these items is essential.  It is crucial to understand that leather is … Read more

A Brief History of Leather

Leather History

Leather, a material used by humans for thousands of years, holds a significant place in the history of civilization. It is considered one of man’s oldest and most valuable discoveries that became a product of the conscious efforts of ancient people to protect their bodies from external danger. Primitive people hunted wild … Read more

How is Leather Made?

How is Leather Made?

Brief Background of Leather Production Leather is a versatile and durable material used for centuries in various industries. From fashion to interiors, leather is prized for its unique properties and elegance. But have you ever wondered how leather is made? Leather is made through tanning, which involves treating animal hides or skins … Read more

Tips for Wearing a Blouse the Fashionable Way

Assorted-color dress hanged on brown hangers

Introduction Any woman could find it challenging to find the ideal attire to wear. However, given their adaptability, most women’s go-to item is nearly always a blouse. You may wear a blouse for practically any occasion because so many different sorts and designs are available. Every adult woman’s wardrobe must include blouses. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Polyester Use for Clothing

Clothes hanging on white rack

Introduction Polyester is one of the most extensively used textiles by apparel producers across the globe. Polyester fabric is used in clothing production because it is affordable, durable, and versatile. Due to its fabric’s adaptability for athletic clothing, sportswear brands have a soft spot for it. Most polyester textiles may be washed … Read more

Tips for Cleaning Suede Shoes

Tips for Cleaning Suede Shoes

Introduction There are suede shoes everywhere, including combat boots and sneakers. Few things compare to how luxurious and stylish a nice pair of suede shoes feel and look. Despite what some people may believe, suede shoes can be worn all year long. They can be tailored for all your outfits, anywhere in … Read more

What is Polyester?

A stack of bright colored cloths on a white surface

Introduction Polyester, a well-known fabric, is one of the most well-liked choices for apparel, interior design, and furnishings. Polyester fabric has some characteristics that make it an excellent material for garments. It is an artificial fabric rather than a natural option like silk, cotton, or wool, so it has a slight stigma … Read more

What are the Different Types of Suede?

A group of chairs and a table

Introduction Suede is a material that we have all seen and heard about more times than we can possibly count. Elvis definitely sang about “blue suede shoes” at some point, and you may recall the Seinfeld episode where Jerry damaged a suede jacket. Suede, a premium variety of leather produced from the … Read more

How Has the TV and Movie Industry Influenced Fashion Over the Years?

people fashion show on stage

The interplay between the entertainment industry and the world of fashion has been a dynamic and influential partnership for decades. Television shows and movies have had a significant impact on shaping fashion trends, from iconic styles to memorable outfits that have become cultural touchstones. The TV and movie industry has not only … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Iconic 2000s Fashion Scene

Interesting Facts About the Iconic 2000s Fashion Scene

As with all decades, the 2000s fashion scene had its own unique trends and iconic outfits, which made the period exciting. From R&B-inspired apparel, velour tracksuits, colored skinny jeans, trucker hats, and metallics, there are many quickly-recognizable choices that we can easily trace to the first decade of the new millennium. So, … Read more

What Were The First Fashion Magazines To Be Published?


While we’re now in an era when people no longer read magazines like how much they used to due to the rise of technology and digital communication, there’s no doubt how these publications have significantly influenced the fashion industry and the consumerist society. Though we now see popular fashion magazines like Elle, … Read more

What Are Considered The Four Major Fashion Capitals Of The World?

A shot of Paris’ Eiffel Tower

While there are many up-and-coming cities in the entire globe where creativity, style design, production, and the most revered names in the industry shine, nothing can deny the important role that Paris, London, New York, and Milan hold in the fashion world. Renowned as the four major fashion capitals, these popular cities … Read more

Fun facts about 90s fashion

Fun facts about 90s fashion

In contrast to the more ornate and showy styles of the 1980s, the 1990s saw a return to minimalist fashion, which helped to define the decade’s fashion. The widespread acceptance of tattoos, body piercings other than ear piercings, and, to a much lesser extent, other types of body alteration like branding, was … Read more

What is special about satin?

What is special about satin

What Is Satin? Along with twill and plain weaves, satin is one of the three primary textile weaves. A shiny, flexible, elastic fabric with a wonderful drape is produced by the satin weave. A duller surface on one side and a smooth, glossy shine on the other is how satin cloth may … Read more