Profile of the 60s Top Model Pattie Boyd

Patti Boyd in the Liverpool Beatles Convention

Pattie Boyd is one of Flare Street’s biggest influences and a photographer and captivating model in her own right. Pattie Boyd, along with Jean Shrimpton, was the epitome of the British female ‘look’ of the era, having learned the craft at a young age and being one of the biggest models in … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Lauren Hutton

a smiling Lauren Hutton in 1997

Lauren Hutton, the original supermodel and face of American fashion is equal parts intelligence, beauty, and sense of humor. She is also an age-positive voice, inspiration, a symbol of empowerment, and a role model to some. She was loved by women who remember Lauren dancing the rest of the night at Studio … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Donyale Luna

a black and white photo of Donyale Luna with her thumb and pointer fingers making a ring in front of her left eye

African American models were seen in black magazines like Ebony and Jet before the Civil Rights Movement in America, but non-white models were never seen on the runway, on the covers of Western fashion magazines, or in advertising. The race-based prohibition began to end with that movement, particularly the 1964 Civil Rights … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton at the opening on 17 September 1965 of an exhibition at the Galerie Krikhaar in Amsterdam

Jean Shrimpton, widely regarded as the world’s first supermodel, was the It-Girl of the 1960s, epitomizing the desired “Swinging London” look and laying the groundwork for how fashion would evolve. With her large eyes, slim figure, fringe bangs, and long legs, she was dubbed “The Face Of The 1960s,” “Most Beautiful Girl … Read more

Profile of the 60s Top Model Veruschka

a photo focusing on Veruschka von Lehndorff sitting at a table surrounded by other people in Munich

Few faces are more associated with the 1960s youthquake than Veruschka. The German countess was discovered when she was 20 years old while studying art in Florence. She soon decamped to New York City, where she altered her name from Vera to Veruschka, becoming one of the decade’s most in-demand supermodels, regularly … Read more

Who Are the Most Famous Beauty Pageant Winners of All Time?

Oprah Winfrey filming in Denmark in 2009

Some celebrities become interested in acting after appearing in their middle school’s theater production, while others are discovered at the mall. However, another group of celebrities made their mark in the spotlight by donning gowns, sashes, and tiaras. It stands to reason that a beauty queen could one day become a celebrity. … Read more

Profile of Brazilian Model Alessandra Ambrosio

a close up photo of Alessandra Ambrosio

This long-legged Brazilian supermodel didn’t have to fight for opportunities and attention in the fashion industry. Alessandra Ambrosio began modeling in her teens with a face as beautiful as her body and was quickly noticed by leading fashion designers and modeling agencies on the international stage. Her hourglass figure, graceful appeal, and … Read more

Profile of Brazilian Model Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima in a red dress

Adriana Lima, a true fashion icon, has been a prominent face in the industry for over two decades. Adriana Lima has modeled for various publications and brands, including Doritos, Victoria’s Secret, and Chanel. Lima has consistently taken the fashion and modeling industry by storm since the start of her modeling career in … Read more

Profile of Brazilian Model Gisele Bündchen

a clear, forward-facing photo of Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen, at least to fashionistas, requires no introduction. Gisele Bündchen is the highest-paid model on the planet, with lucrative earnings from more than 20 personal care and fashion brands she endorses, along with her fashion line. Her transformation from an awkward 14-year-old teen model to a full-fledged cross-platform business tycoon has … Read more

Learn about Ralph Lauren’s Impact on the World of Fashion

Ralph Lauren at the Yankee Stadium

Ralph Lauren is a household name in the fashion world. As one of our generation’s most outstanding and recognizable designers, Lauren is known for his sportswear line Polo Ralph Lauren, the centerpiece of his fashion empire. He led one of the world’s most successful fashion empires for over half a century. His … Read more

Who were the Famous Fashion Designers of the 70s?

Family dressed in disco style with vinyl records

The 70s were one of the best decades of all time when it comes to fashion. The era birthed out fashion ideas and trends that eventually became staple wardrobe items. Designs like the pants suit, halter dress, and wrap dress were made popular by influential designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and … Read more

Elvis Presley’s Influence on Fashion

Elvis Presley is known to be the King of Rock n’ Roll. But aside from that, he was also the king of men’s fashion during his time. His style was not a look that would be easily pulled off unless you are a rock n’ roll legend or a TT Race rider. … Read more

Facts About Marilyn Monroe

a sketch portrait of Marilyn Monroe

The 1950s, as we’ve mentioned in our article about the Interesting Facts About the 1950s Fashion Scene, were the time when America experienced the resurgence of elegant and extravagant fashion. There were also lots of new styles and trends that were introduced in this decade due to the iconic fashion figures. One … Read more

Famous Designers of the 1920s

the fashionable Coco Chanel

Fashion in the 1920s attracted unparalleled publicity from the movie studios that publicized photographs of popular movie stars who were loved by many women. With this, women during those times wanted to match the clothes that they wore. They became the most influential of all the fashion icons of the era, and … Read more

Learn About Fashion Designer Mary Quant

Mary Quant in 1966 wearing a minidress

In our previous article about the History of the Miniskirt, we’ve mentioned that the fashion designer credited for inventing the modern miniskirt in 1964 was Mary Quant. She was able to make a revolutionary garment that became an instant hit among young women. It has also given way for women to express … Read more

Biography of the Kardashian Family

Kris Jenner

The Kardashians are a well-known American family that is also referred to as the Kardashian-Jenner family. This family is famous in the lines of entertainment, fashion-designing, and business. Kardashian-Jenner’s family was founded when Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner got married. And this family consists of their children and grandchildren. Also, they are … Read more

The Influential Men of Fashion

The Influential Men of Fashion

Change is the constant thing in this world – most especially in fashion. Designers, brand founders, models, photographers and other people in the fashion industry are all devoting their talents to bring new and interesting creations to the runway every time. Women dominate fashion in numbers, as only a few men choose … Read more