Can Crocs be Fashionable?

two pairs of crocs, grass

The fashion industry often comes up with outrageous trends—for example, see-through jeans, insanely expensive designer paper clips, and crotchless trousers. Of course, all those mentioned earlier are genuine items sold in the past few years. But among all the controversial pieces, there’s nothing that receives as much commotion as Crocs. These shoes … Read more

Company That Make President’s Shoes

A pair of black formal shoes

Everything about being a president is special. You get to travel in special vehicles with people who are responsible for your security 24/7. In addition to that, you get a personal tailor who designs and creates your suits for everyday meetings and public interactions. But there is something about shoes that has … Read more

Can You Get Nike Shoes on a Budget?

Nike Shoes on a Budget

Everybody knows the brand Nike. It’s one of the most recognizable clothing and athletic wear brands on the planet, and they make shoes for every kind of sport or activity. One of the things to love about Nike is they charge $10-$40 less than most of its competitors for the premium shoe … Read more

Crazy Shoe Collectors

Crazy Shoe Collectors

Women are generally thought of as really crazy over fashion, not to mention their obsessions with shoes, shoes, shoes! But do you also know that a few men have equally crazy footwear fetishes as women do? Check out these people who own huge shoe collections! 1. Jordy Geller Jordy Geller from Nevada, … Read more