Today’s Top Women’s Shoe Designers

There’s no doubt that shoes have played a big part in our history. Shoe fashion has evolved quite a bit from the earliest versions, with some styles even coming back again and again. Even the ancient kings and queens must have considered their favorite shoe cobbler as a very important entity.

From sandals to high heels, shoes have become one of the fanciest accessories to add to any wardrobe. No matter what your mood is, buying a great pair of shoes can probably help to brighten your day. In society today, the colors for women’s shoes have gotten bolder, the styles of the shoe have become funkier, and the heels keep getting higher.

Shoe Brands for Women

Many people choose a brand just because of the brand name. A shoe can offer comfort, style, reliability, and most importantly, make a fashion statement. Shoes can make a woman feel sexy and ready to take on the world. If you look in a magazine today, you will see the same top designers advertised over and over again. Celebrities will also “strut” their stuff on the red carpet, making the rest of the world crave shoes they are flaunting.

You’ll find many of the top shoe designers advertised in your favorite fashion magazine. Some of today’s leading shoe brands include:

Stuart Weitzman

The Weitzman brand certainly tops many lists of shoe designers, especially when it comes to offerings for women. There are several pairs here which retail for at least $400 to $800, but there are certain models that are incredibly expensive. Regular folks might not be able to afford even the cheapest of its shoes, but those with a passion for designer shoes might save up to make the investment. Options like the Marilyn Monroe Shoes or the Retro Rose Pumps, for example, could cost up to a staggering $1 million.

Manolo Blahnik

Blahnik is a Spanish designer who started back in the 70. He’s personally designed every pair of shoes that bears his name. The Blahnik shoes are adored for their classy elegance and stiletto high heel shoes, plus the quality assurance that only his name will give.

His shoes have been a big hit on a popular TV series called Sex in the City. This also helped to add his name to many wardrobes and bucket lists across the world. These shoes can be found in select high-end retail stores and will cost you a pretty penny. However, one could think of them as a worthwhile investment, even if they do take up all your savings.

The shoes themselves are a huge hit with female customers, flying off the shelves no matter where they’re available. The brand features unique offerings such as the Blixa alligator pumps, which retail for around $4,600 a pair. This brand is actually associated with rebellion as well as high fashion, as it came out with a line of high heels right when platform shoes were at their most popular.

Jimmy Choo

Choo is a Malaysian designer from London who is best known for his high heel shoes. His shoes gained their popularity through being featured in Vogue, which is a huge step up from the old hospital building they originated from. Jimmy Choo is loved by many for his trendy and classic edge that only he could perfect. Princess Diana was a big fan of his shoes.

While the name of Jimmy Choo is a well-known one in the world of high fashion, the designer has since then gone back to the basics. You can pick up a pair of Jimmy Choos form their outlet in Las Vegas or Beverly Hills, but his original place in London is where the designer works his magic. He’s back to hand-crafting unique creations and is even teaching apprentices how to do the same.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a French designer that brought back the stiletto in the ‘90s. His early years were spent designing shoes for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. His shoes can now be found in over 46 different countries.

The main outstanding feature of Louboutin shoes is, of course, the red sole. While other designers have tried to copy this idea, the designer has held on fast to his inspiration and even took his case to court. Hence, the iconic red soles are still a symbol that defines genuine Louboutins and no other brand.

Michael Kors

This is an American designer who changed his name due to his mother getting married. Known for his American sportswear line, Kors handbags and shoes can be found in many homes today. You have a wide range of choices here, with an open-toed leather bootie and leather wedges being among the more popular options.

Walter Steiger

This shoe designer regularly launches pairs of shoes that are suitable for both men and women. The brand itself was founded in 1932 and continues to be a popular choice. This is mainly due not just the brand name, but also the unique materials and creative designs.

As the designer’s company is based in Geneva, it has the Swiss penchant for precision. Their designs have a French inspiration and their goal is to become a renowned name on a global basis. To this end, there are shops for this brand in Milan, London, and New York as well.

Each pair from this designer has a high price range, starting at around $500. While this may seem steep to a layperson in terms of shoes, the price tag is actually one of the most reasonable in the world of high-end shoe brands. This way, you get the ultimate style but within reach of your wallet.


If you’re looking for fancy stems, these designers will give your feet and wallet a run for their money. The high quality and durability, not to mention the impressive fashion statement you get with these choices make them worthwhile. This is why women’s shoes by most of the designers above are in such high demand. There are also many more to look at beyond these designers, so have fun shopping!