Major Shoe Retailers

Pick up any fashion magazine that includes some shoe fashion ideas, and you’d be sure to see ads filled with tall beautiful models wearing some of the fanciest and most coveted shoes ever made. These could be some fashionable high heels or shiny brown leather designs for men.

Shoes can make or break an outfit along with offering a sense of style and accomplishment. If they’re worn by our favorite celebrities and too expensive for the average person to afford, we love them even more. Some people might even claim that shoes are no longer about comfort; they are about style and statement. This might be doubtful, but most people are definitely looking for shoes with a comfy feel plus a fashionable flair. For dress shoes and fancy options, some might even sacrifice a bit of comfort.

In order to find the perfect pair of shoes, we’ve shortlisted some of the major shoe retailers available today. These include the following, though there may be more around in the near future:

Payless Shoe Source

Offering their services via storefront or online, Payless Shoe source provides shoes for every need. You’ll get a wide variety of shoes to choose from, all offering various levels of comfort, style, and affordability.

If you’re buying something for a sporty person, this retailer is famous for the Pro Wings line. These are sneakers available at a discounted price. Not only that, but they also have the unique option of Velcro straps in place of regular laces. This makes for an easier function with the same performance.

While the company filed for bankruptcy in 2017, it’s come out of that slump since then. Its restructuring means that the shoes are worth trying out at least once.

If you haven’t seen their commercials on TV, you’ve seen their ads pop up on many well-known websites. Zappos was founded in 1999 and thrives on the absolute best in customer service. The website claims that they have the best selection in online shopping out there. The shoes are cute, fashionable, and affordable.

The retailer company itself has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was first launched under As of July 2009, became a subsidiary of Amazon. The overall deal was worth somewhere around a whopping $1.2 billion. While the initial owners resisted this move, they relented when the deal seemed to be in accordance with their ideals.

Powered by, this website makes shoe shopping online easy. The people behind the Endless name wanted to make online shopping as easy as possible for all their customers. Hence, anyone can browse shoes by color, size, brand, or price on

The brand was an Amazon creation and was actually the very first e-commerce site launched by this giant. It even gave rise to similar sites in the UK, Germany, France, and even Japan. The name in these counties was Javari rather than Endless. While the pages are no longer in existence, the brand name might still be around and worth looking up.

This is a name familiar to every household all over the world. They specialize in athletic footwear for the sports fanatics and those who are active at heart. They offer retail outlets all over the world and provide footwear for the whole family.

The company has headquarters in Manhattan but operates in no less than 28 countries now. It started out in 1964 as a part of Woolworth’s but became a separate company around 14 years later. Now we have a Kids Foot Lock and a Lady Foot Locker store, along with other divisions such as House of Hoops, Champs Sports, etc.

This online retailer has over 1,200 brands to choose from. They have shoes for every member of the family and guarantee your satisfaction all the way. Whether you want some sexy high heel shoes, non-cycling shoes, comfortable sneakers, or sophisticated-looking loafers, Shoebuy has them all for you.

Previously, this retailer was known as Now, it’s a known American footwear company that’s part of the supermarket chain Wal-Mart. While the website itself started out in 1999, the company was soon acquired in 2006 by IAC. now contains more than 1 million products, of which shoes are the majority. With over 800 shoe brands to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this retailer.

This retailer focuses on offering big discounts for the products of major designers. The abbreviation stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse, which is a straightforward name for a company dealing in this specific service.

DSW is a great shoe retailer and highly successful due to its unique selling proposition. Now, it boasts more than 500 stores within the United States alone. The e-commerce website is also available for more convenient shopping. It’s acquired several well-known brands, so you’re sure of getting just what you want without any kind of compromise.

This retailer offers a very large discount outlet and a wide variety of athletic and fitness shoes. You’ll also get free shipping, free returns, and all the brands plus styles you want for the whole family. Several accessories like bags, jewelry, and sunglasses are also available for purchase at the very same spot.

This long-standing shoe retailer has an extensive site with lots of sales and a wide variety of shoes plus styles. Around a decade ago, this retailer owned more than 1100 stores in America. These also include some themed stores, but some underperforming outlets had to close down. However, there are always new locations being opened up wherever the company deems suitable. The popularity of this retailer is probably due to the slightly lower prices they have for just about every known brand.

This is the perfect retailer for those seeking a strong focus on designer shoes with a wide variety to choose from. They also have a strong charity focus, which means responsible shopping choices!


If you prefer online shopping, you can find plenty of cheap shoes online that look posh but are quite affordable. They offer the same classic look as the popular shoes, but won’t break the bank. If you’re not a label enthusiast, the cheaper shoes can be as visually appealing as the most expensive brands.