Overview Of Major Children’s Shoe Brands

Especially for a parent, when buying children’s footwear it is best to know not only its style and design but most of all its comfort and ability to last for a long time. You also have to determine the perfect pair of shoes that your kids would like (or even love) to wear frequently, and not just the latest in kids shoe fashion.

Here are the top children’s shoe brands to help you narrow down your choices and buy the best pair for your little tykes (not in particular order):

1. Stride Rite

Why Stride Rite? Well, there are many good things that your child will benefit from, wearing Stride Rite. The company knows about taking care of your growing children’s feet, whether they’re toddlers who are about to take their first steps or active children who like to run around and play all day. Stride Ride’s deep knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow leads them to manufacture the best and most comfortable shoes possible that may even minimize future foot problems as they grow up. Most smart parents choose Stride Rite because of the quality of shoes: stylish, colorful – and most importantly – durable, comfortable, breathable and having the right fit.

2. Keds

Since its establishment in 1916 Keds has been manufacturing shoes that are classic, stylish and durable, and they’ve been keeping that commitment making of top-quality shoes and sneakers. There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from that will definitely catch your kids’ attention, boys and girls, alike. The insoles are soft and comfy while the outer soles are sturdy and long-lasting. Your kids will not only look good wearing a pair of Keds but you can also be assured that their feet are totally protected and assured of comfort.

3. Crocs Kids

We know that clogs aren’t traditional shoes, but we nevertheless include Crocs, in part because of its immense popularity among children. Lightweight but durable, the clogs’ orthotic beds give extra comfort to your children’s feet. The ample ventilation gives the clogs their extreme breathability. They are so easy to wear that your kids’ feet will just slip into these clogs – no forced tucking-in and no shoelaces as well. Buoyant and water-resistant, they are also easy to clean and dry. Crocs’ clogs are versatile as they can be worn on many occasions. Plus your kids can jazz their clogs up with Crocs’ very own Jibbitz charms that come in different sizes, colors, and styles.

4. Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly has been in the shoe business since 1992 with the intention of gearing their products towards little girls. Based in Italy, the company has grown globally, with stores in many parts of Europe as well as the US, and some parts of Asia. Most of their shoes are studded with hand-stitched floral designs and sequins that will surely charm the little ladies into wearing them. It is surely the latest in shoe fashion for little ladies. It’s not only Lelli Kelly’s outward appearance that makes their shoes a hot seller. Lelli Kelly’s shoes are also of good quality and even beneficial to your little daughter’s feet too. That’s because of the specially-made latex foam (under the shoe’s perforated insoles) that keeps your girls’ feet constantly dry and thus eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

5. Primigi

Another Italian company that’s been making children’s shoes for over 30 years, Primigi’s emphases have been on style, color, comfort, durability, and flexibility. Their specially made shock-absorbing insoles are perfect for active kids. Although they’re durable, Primigi’s shoes are also lightweight and don’t feel clunky. The company also designs and manufactures girls’ shoes as well as boots. Primigi’s shoes have been distributed throughout the world so it’s worth a moment to check them out if you happen to pass by at one of their stores near you.

6. Skechers

Skechers’ products are specifically meant for active living – for frisky, energetic men and women as well as feisty children, especially those who are engaged in sports and outdoor activities. If you have a very active kid who likes to run the pavement, hit the trail or camp outdoors frequently – Skechers are a perfect fit. Edgy, durable but otherwise comfortable, with a soft cushion on the insoles and thick outsoles that are wear-and-tear resistant for a long time. Lace-up or Velcro, the choice is yours and of course your child’s. Their shoes are relatively inexpensive too, so it’s a plus for budget-conscious parents who also seek high quality.

7. Converse

Converse has been here for a long, long time, and we don’t think there is a kid or a teen who hasn’t worn Converse. The “Dr. Seuss” design is really a hit with the kids although Converse also offers a wide array of other styles to choose from as their designs are really up-to-date. Made specifically for casual wear, kids will love the shoes’ light feel and comfort – plus the fact that they could wear a pair of cool Chuck Taylors.

8. Nike

Nike is another veteran brand and has been in the shoemaking industry for a long time. Perfect for very active and adventurous kiddies, Nike’s shoes are specifically designed for this purpose, as we all know. Their kiddie shoes come with cute colors and designs as well, and there’s even a Nike shoe for toddlers. Nike’s name and logo alone will immediately assure of you of world-class top quality and durability.

9. Circo

For moms of active and adventurous little tykes and toddlers, they will definitely feel safe with Circo brand. Circo shoes can be found in many Target stores, thus, budget-conscious mommies will be happy with their reasonable price. Despite the relatively affordable price tag on their shoes, Circo doesn’t compromise their safety and comfort. They are flexible shoes that are guaranteed not to slip as your growing little ‘uns get more and more active. Circo’s shoes come in many very cute designs and colors as well.

10. Morgan and Milo

Known for their very adorable, colorful and vividly-designed footwear, without question Morgan and Milo has its own winsome appeal to kids and parents alike. Their shoes’ light and stretchable material make them really easy for kids to slip into and also offers them security and comfort. Many of them have rubber toes too so that the suede won’t be scraped off as your child goes about in his/her activities.