Top Oscar-Winning Movies For Best Costume Design

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Numerous films have won the most prestigious film honor, the Academy Award for Best Costume Design since it was first given in 1949. Most of the time, films with historically accurate clothing take home the prize.  But it’s not just the clothes that count in movies; hairstyles and makeup are as significant. … Read more

Iconic Hairstyles that were Inspired by TV Shows

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Iconic TV shows like Friends and Game of Thrones are filled with hairstyles that are worth recreating. From the 90s’ wild and curly to the glorious dramatic and wavy locks, these tv show-inspired hairstyles are easy to replicate, with some that are, surprisingly, low-maintenance. So, rather than just sitting on your couch … Read more

TV series that changed fashion history

For decades since the first invention of moving pictures and visual entertainment, there is no denying that television has given us more insight into the world, among all other things. Television shows, for instance, paved the way for some genius minds to share their ideas with the world. From futuristic scientific inventions, … Read more

Shows to Watch for a Fashion Lover

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The fashion business has come a very long way ever since people discovered how to dress not only for protection and aesthetics but for social validation and a good impression. People recognized depending on the occasion. In today’s modern world, fashion is not only about being correctly dressed – it has become … Read more

Movies That Became Fashion Trendsetters

Movies That Became Fashion Trendsetters

Most of us know that the movies are also responsible for launching new trends in fashion. A lot of our preferences in clothing styles have been inspired by several movies even without ever knowing it. These outfits are as much of a scene-stealer as the actors themselves! The reasons for movies being … Read more