Learn About the Gaucho Hat

A gaucho hat is among the most commonly associated Gaucho clothing items with the classic South American gaucho. Many people associate traditional gauchos with a distinct physical appearance that includes a particular style of hat, shirt, saddle, pants, boots, and head covering. Although the term refers to people who live in the … Read more

Learn About the Russian Ushanka

an Ushanka and boots hanged on a wooden fence

When we discuss an army or a sizable number of soldiers, we must consider military operations. During military operations, they use a variety of weapons to safeguard themselves and attack their adversaries. Of course, they must undergo extensive skill and physical training to be ready to face their enemies and protect themselves. … Read more

The Different Types of Hair Closures

colored hair strands

The hair on our head is arguably one of the most important parts of our body. But, its importance is not just because it protects our scalp from the harmful elements but because it serves as an essential fashion piece where you can express your personality through different hairstyles and haircuts. However, … Read more

Guide to Nose Rings

a close-up shot of a woman wearing eye makeup and a nose piercing

Nose piercings, like tattoos and ear piercings, are among today’s most popular body modifications, and nose rings are great fashion accessories. It’s easy to see why: nose piercings are beautiful, versatile, eye-catching, and have deep cultural significance for many people. If you’re thinking about having your nose pierced and want more information, … Read more

Guide to Lip Rings

a woman with a nose ring and a Madonna lip piercing with her head raised and eyes closed under a red light

The lips have a lot to say, and when they’re pierced, they say even more. With so many lip rings to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. You’ll like the canvas the lips provide, whether you want a simple and sleek single lip ring or … Read more

Cleaning Your Watch’s Leather Strap

Cleaning Your Watch's Leather Strap

Over the years, watches have been used to tell time and as an element of beauty, especially when worn or matched properly. Wristwatches feature two main parts, the watch strap, and the dial. Both of these parts can be made from various materials. For instance, a malachite watch strap can be made … Read more

History of Acrylic Nails

Lavender acrylic nails

One of the best self-care activities is getting your nails done. It’s relaxing, plus it makes you feel really pretty. While most women are satisfied with getting some polish or a simple manicure, some want to take the extra mile to showcase their hands further by getting acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Fashion

Man sitting on the wall wearing brogues

If it is true that a man’s dress is evaluated from the shoes upwards, then it is his tone that influences someone’s judgment first. Recently, the shoes like everything else in men’s outfit have become less rigid. Nowadays, you can wear oxfords with jeans and trainers with suits. But the key to … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Women’s Shoe Fashion

Woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes

Fashion is all about confidence. When it comes to wearing shoes, it reflects the personality behavior of a person. However, if you want to look good by wearing attractive shoes, you don’t have to give up comfort. Contrary to a popular belief, beauty is not always a pain. What most women don’t … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories on display

In fashion, an accessory is an item that contributes to the attire of an individual secondarily. Accessories are often chosen to complement and complete the outfit of the wearer. Also, they express or convey the personality of an individual. Accessories come in different shapes, sizes, colors, shades, materials, etc. In fashion, the … Read more

Fashion Accessories that Went Out of Style

accessories and clothing

Fashion accessories were originated in the 16th century when upper-class Italian civilians used to wear hat badges as an object of embellishment. With modernization, newer accessories have been come into being and adorned by the onlookers while the previous been thrown into the bin. A fashion accessory is something that adds to … Read more

Weird Fashion Accessories

a person wearing weird fashion accessories

Fashion consists of clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, and body posture that depicts self-expression and autonomy in a particular place and time.  A fashionable accessory completes a casual outfit by adding an element of style and enhancing the overall look. The accessories we most commonly think of are bracelets, rings, earrings, purses, … Read more

The Story of Friendship Bracelets


The story of friendship bracelets is an interesting one. You can see people from every age wearing them to symbolize the friendships that are dear to their hearts. From the elderly to the children, everyone seems to be wearing beautiful friendship bracelets. They have become a part of the life of many … Read more

Men’s Hat Styles You Need to Know

two men wearing different hat styles

In our article about the History of Fashion Accessories, we’ve mentioned that hats have been around since the Bronze Age. This is why hats are fixed as everlastingly stylish accessories, especially for men. Hats for men are a versatile, functional, and stylish addition to any outfit. In addition to that, they are … Read more

The Best Hat Styles for Women

woman wearing a fashionable hat

When it comes to fashion for women, many like to accessorize by wearing pieces of jewelry. But aside from that, another way to look more stylish is by wearing hats. In fact, wearing hats is great, not just as a fashion accessory but as well as protecting your head and face when … Read more

Wearing Eyeglasses for Fashion

open book, eyeglasses on top of a book, wooden floorboards

Getting dressed for the day is different from creating an OOTD look, and one of the best ways to take it up a notch is by being creative with your accessories. Since ancient history, accessories have had a role in fashion, including layering necklaces, adding a pair of earrings, or wearing a … Read more

How to Style Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

person holding silver necklace and wearing silver ring

When it comes to jewelry pieces, sterling silver is one of those that have a timeless appeal and elegance. With this, it has become a fashion staple for many people. Many people also find this a great opportunity to earn money by selling sterling silver jewelry collections. Today, you can also find … Read more

How to Match a Purse to Any Outfit

woman with a nice outfit carrying a red purse

Most women never leave home without their purse, as it holds important items like money, key, cards, and phone. And naturally, most also want their outfit and other accessories to match their purse. Before, that was very easy to do as women simply matched their purses to their shoes or belt. Women … Read more

How to Decide the Gemstone Shape for an Engagement Ring?

How to Decide the Gemstone Shape for an Engagement Ring

When choosing an engagement ring, one needs to give proper attention to details. Before the selection, it is good to draft the design in mind and specify the setting, gem, and metal. Everything from the selection of gemstone to the setting has a meaning behind it. When someone wants to show serious sentiments without a word, carefully selected engagement rings are beneficial. As … Read more

Reasons why Moissanite is your new favorite gemstone

Reasons why Moissanite is your new favorite gemstone

Everyone loves wearing jewelry be it silver, diamond or gold. We all know diamonds are the most expensive and people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Not everyone can afford it but that doesn’t mean you can’t look for dupes. The Best Dupe for Diamonds Henri Moissan back in 1893, won … Read more

Women’s Hats that Aren’t a Beret or Beanie

A variety of women’s hats

Hats are a fashion girl’s best friend. No matter what type of hats you wear, it’s the easiest way to add style and elegance to your outfit in an instant. Hats are a timeless choice of accessory for women who like to dress up, but if you’re not used to wearing hats, … Read more