Weird Fashion Accessories

Fashion consists of clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, and body posture that depicts self-expression and autonomy in a particular place and time. 

A fashionable accessory completes a casual outfit by adding an element of style and enhancing the overall look. The accessories we most commonly think of are bracelets, rings, earrings, purses, hair, belts, etc. however, a fashion accessory must not be something that should appeal to your eyes. A lot of weird accessories are available on the market that has stunned most of us. Let’s check out some of them:

Ice Jewelry

Weird Fashion Accessories

Ice necklace will be the perfect accessory if you’re feeling too hot. Katharina Ludwig created this ice necklace, as well as ice earrings and rings to match. There is no way to wear these weird fashion accessories more than once, as every piece is made with actual ice. 

Barbie Doll Jewelry

Weird Fashion Accessories

It seems weird, but it is still nice and cool when your wear this kind of jewelry. Cute little Barbie dolls hanging in your neck, and the ears might seem unique to some. But you definitely can’t count on something like Barbie doll jewelry for your daily routine. 

Lipstick Contains Fish Scales

Weird Fashion Accessories

Probably one of the weirdest facts you might have heard is that your lipstick contains fish scales. It is strange, but it’s true. Among the ingredients of your lipstick is the glow of the fish scales. Its pearlized and crystallized effect gives your lipstick a dazzling sheen.

Hood by Air Double-Sided Boots

Weird Fashion Accessories

These seem somewhat confusing, and it would appear to be hard to walk in them. A human brain would need few seconds after seeing someone in these boots to apprehend what is going on. These are cowboy-style shoes, and people don’t seem ready to embrace them in a world full of aesthetic and stylish fashion accessories.

Denture Bracelet

Weird Fashion Accessories

Everybody should be flaunting their teeth as they are blessed with them, but what if you get to know that there is a thing called denture bracelets? Is wearing teeth in your wrists even a thing? Yes, it does. These are one of the very uncertain fashion accessories in the industry. 


Weird Fashion Accessories

This is a kind of attire that covers your body like a windproof umbrella and saves you from rain. But is it a fashion accessory? Do people wear the Nubrella as a fashion or style statement? It would be weird to know, but the answer is yes. A plus point of wearing Nubrella is that it keeps you at a distance from fellow pedestrians.


Weird Fashion Accessories

Do you find it hard to imagine a man in leggings? Well, designers have given you the privilege of not only imaging but experiencing it in person. At a theme event, they were worn by designers, attracting the attention of many observers. These leggings for men, also called meggings, come in many colors and allow for optimum comfort. Meggings have yet to be recognized by the majority of the public. 

Bag TV

It’s hard to imagine, but there’s a bag that looks like a 7-inch LCD screen. We may only dream of something like this, but it’s a real thing. It is a handbag with a TV built-in. It allows you to match your bag with your dress. 

If you buy the bag, you will have the option to buy it in any color, which is a huge advantage. In addition to being available in seven different colors, this bag can also play your favorite DVDs, MP3s, music, and images. The battery will make it possible to have a run time of approximately two and a half hours. It seems unreal, but it is something exceptional that exists. 

Teardrop Jewelry

A Dutch designer has produced eyewear that symbolizes sadness. When you take them out of the box, they look like flowers and crystals. When you expose them to sunlight, the crystals shine brilliantly. So, if you want something different, give this one a try. This seems something non-existent, but it exists.  

Botox-Injected Handbags

Weird Fashion Accessories

To date, many celebrities and even commoners turn to Botox injections to look young. Would you be surprised to discover that Botox is appropriate for bags? Mauro Orietti-Carella is a designer from Milan. He uses unconventional technology to craft stylish accessories. Injections of silicone improved the quality and saturation of exotic leather and made crocodile skin more vivid and beautiful. 

Therefore, you would achieve a higher standard for leather and more saturated colors. Gold and silver dust coats the bags, which not only makes them sparkle but gives them a class.

A Headband That Tracks Your Sleep

Weird Fashion Accessories

Is sleeping complicated? Here is a piece of information that may shock you. There is a headband that can detect your heart rate and breathing patterns while you sleep. You can also sleep better due to its built-in sound system. People have been using relaxation techniques to enhance their sleep, but now it is even easier. These accessories amuse us like how they can even exist in reality, but technology has gone far away. Everything and anything has become possible or is a run to be made possible. 

Boots Made by Yeti

Weird Fashion Accessories

Female yeti boots typically reach between the calf and knee and are made from thick, shaggy leather. These boots are bulky, grayish-white in color. An asymmetrical leather wraps the shoes.

Pillow Bags

Weird Fashion Accessories

Pillow bags that resemble pillows are wrapped in flexible packaging to prevent damage. Upon insertion into the pouch, the contents expand and flatten. They are available in a variety of cool designs.

It seems like there are so many fashion accessories that have not been recognized. Like who would not prefer wearing a comfy, soft bag like this? But such bags can only be worn casually.

Eye Jewelry 

Weird Fashion Accessories

We are left wondering why anyone would want to wear eye jewelry. These designs seem so uncomfortable to wear. In the sunlight, the crystal accessories make the wearer cry. However, this fashion accessory has been recognized almost all over the world. The weirdest part is to have your eyes pierced. 

LED Eyelashes

Weird Fashion Accessories

LED eyelashes are a clever and innovative product that speaks about women’s desire for beautiful eyes with long eyelashes. Women fantasize about having large eyes with long eyelashes, but sometimes this desire becomes almost obsessive. So, they resort to plastic surgery. 

A tilt sensor turns these LED eyelashes on and off based on the motion of the wearer’s head. Soomi Park created the LED eyelashes that will follow the wearer’s head movements.

Donut Dress

Weird Fashion Accessories

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada has shown us how to dress like a giant king donut when you are hungry and don’t know what to wear. At Madrid Fashion Week in February, OTT dessert dresses graced the runway. A lot of such weird and unique dresses have been worn by other celebrities that leave you stunned.


Although strange, such unpredictable fashion accessories do indeed exist. These have been accepted by some while rejected by others. Some of them can’t even be imagined. The world has gone too far in terms of technology and fashion, and here we are, with such amazing yet weird pieces in the fashion industry.