Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Fashion

If it is true that a man’s dress is evaluated from the shoes upwards, then it is his tone that influences someone’s judgment first. Recently, the shoes like everything else in men’s outfit have become less rigid. Nowadays, you can wear oxfords with jeans and trainers with suits. But the key to achieving one or the other lies in the color palette. If you abuse the shade, you might look like a car salesman at a party. 

Like everything else in the wardrobe, matching the color of your shoes with your daily wear can be a difficult thing to do. Sometimes people go with contrasts to look better in their outfits. Shoes play an important role in depicting your personality. Also, some people make combinations such as black shoes with black pants, or brown shoes with beige chinos. 

Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Fashion

A pair of black shoes is one of the most stylish colors in the men’s wardrobe. Also, everyone loves the black color in their outfit and when it comes to shoes, it is a perfect one. The next color that is loved by every man is a tan color for their shoes. The black color is always the best than the multicolored shoes. 

The darker tones work best because they are versatile than lighter tones. On the other hand, you cannot compare the oxfords with trainers. Trainers work on different rules. They go well with anything in the wardrobe. 

Black Shoes 

Black shoes are the smartest version in almost any circumstance. They are the best in their category. A pair of black brogues are probably the most stylish shoe that you can have in your wardrobe. But it limits the options of the clothes that you can pair with black brogues. Black brogues are like a black blazer that does not look great with every outfit. If you try them with jeans, you will look like a street magician. 

To start from top to bottom, black is the go-to color when paired with black clothes. Also, you can pair them with gray or charcoal tailoring, especially in formal offices. Wearing black with blue won’t hurt sartorial ego but sticking with darker undertones of the navy would go well with the black shoes. Make sure that you are not wearing something more festive like royal blue.

Casual pants are complicated. If you pair brown chinos with black shoes then you are opting for a less formal style. A derby would look better than an Oxford because it is more relaxed and a bit beefier. Oxfords look great with black skinny jeans and you might look like a forgotten member of The Libertines. If you want to wear black shoes with dark denim, then you should be wearing Chelsea shoes or Dr. Martens’ boots.  

If you are a man who likes colorful chinos, then the sudden switch to black shoes might be a hard thing to do. If still, you want to wear black shoes, then folding the hems and losing the socks will reduce the impact. It will help to make the shoe style as casual as possible. Also, loafers are better than anything that has laces. 

Brown Shoes 

Brown is one of the most forgiving shades of smart shoes. The available browns come with a bread that makes it a perfect shade for almost any situation, except for the most stylish of offices. A few personalized John Lobbs chocolates will land you on the black bench of some investment banks. Other than a black suit or tuxedo, the brown shoes enhance the personality of a man and give a less feel of being stuffy. 

For a more relaxed look, you can opt for lighter shades, if it adds details to your outfit. For example, a pair of brown brogues are less formal than the oxfords in the same shade. Aside from sewing, the brown shoes should be your choice for the chinos of any color. Make sure that you do not mix it up too much. With double denim, you have to wear at least two shades of difference between the pants and shoes. 

Dark brown shoes go perfect with indigo denim. They work well with washed tones. For a less formal look, the Chelsea suede boots are perfect same as chunky brown work boots. Pairing black jeans and brown shoes is a minefield of differing opinions. 

If you are having some personal doubts about the outfit, then you should not be wearing such a combination. If you are confident enough about your outfit, then make sure that you don’t pair beige with black jeans. 

Oxblood Shoes 

Oxblood shoes act almost as a neutral. They work in almost the same way as brown shoes do but they are a bit bolder. They add an ounce or two of personality when you wear them with whatever you like. Rather than going for an extravagant look, it could be as easy as incorporating new color combinations into the silhouettes you already wear every day. 

To wear oxblood shoes, derby shoes are more versatile than Oxford because they won’t go well with the fanciest outfits. You can pair them with anything such as suits, jeans chinos, etc. Pairing the oxblood oxfords with Berluti-style patina will give you a distinctive look. They can be perfect for wedding events. 

The casual styles of oxblood shoes provide you freedom of action. Oxblood loafers are a classic choice for summers. You can pair them with lightly washed jeans to beige, navy blue, or any other color of chinos. You can ditch the socks and fold them hems for a Dickie-Greenleaf-On-The-Riviera feel. 

Tan Shoes 

Tan is the more relaxed shade of brown. Tan shoes are best in more casual styles such as boots or derbies. You can pair the tan suede shoes with fairly informal outfits. Tan is a good way to accessorize an outfit with elegant styles. Pitti Uomo is often complemented by a beige Oxford or moccasin. Tan shoes are a great anchor for brighter shades of blue. Also, it removes the congestion from the patterns like stripes. 

For a perfect outfit, you can pair tan shoes with jeans and chinos of all shades or colors. In summer, they brighten up the look by a bit. You can get away with wearing beige shoes with shorts if you want to wear something without lace. Also, a tan slip-on like a moccasin or something textured like suede would be perfect.

Blue Shoes 

Blues shoes can be an uncomfortable color for fancy shoes but it is a neutral staple in the wardrobe of every man. Bright blue leather is a bit complicated. Once you start casual styles, the blue shoes are the perfect way to add personality to your outfits. Nubuck in textured leather goes well with a navy-blue outfit. 

Like nubuck, suede is an Elvis-approved way of removing the blue shoes. The raised nap gives more depth that does not get with the leather. The blue shoes will look more than eye-catching. The blue suede brogues go well with any of the suit colors but except for the black. The same rule applies to the chinos with shimmering roll at the ankles

For a more casual look, navy blue color in chukkas and desert boots is perfect. It is because it is dark in color and does not leave traces of rain. Both the styles go perfectly with jeans. You just have to make sure that you are not over-matching the blue shoes with the shades of your pants. For a complementary hue, you can wear a shinier sock such as red that breaks things up a bit. 

White Trainers 

When Common Projects launched Achilles Low almost 15 years ago, the Italian-American shoe brand helped to form a new category in men’s shoes fashion. The sneakers were the smart shoes. Before that time, people used to wear all-white tennis shoes. But they were not something you could wear with denim shorts or a suit. 

As mentioned earlier, men’s shoe fashion has not been rigid anymore. The white minimalist trainers or sneakers can be paired with anything except for the partnership interviews at a law firm. You won’t see a lawyer pairing white sneakers with a black suit. On the other hand, they go well with the black suits. To make it a perfect outfit, you should be wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt or turtleneck. 

White trainers or sneakers go well with any of the jeans such as from high-end Japanese selvage to shabby wash. The same goes for chinos, shorts, or parachute pants. Whatever pants you are wearing, the white sneakers will go well. The tricky part of having white sneakers is to keep them in their whiteness. 

The fresh box version works with a suit but if they are stained or pale yellow, then they won’t go well with a suit. To keep them clean all day, you must be having wet wipes or a desk drawer for daily touch-ups. 

Colorful Trainers

The brighter plumage brethren followed the white sneakers. There was a time when the bold-toned sneakers were only for exercise. Nowadays, you will see people wearing them with casual and formal outfits. All the different colors of the sneakers make them less versatile. It is because the combination of your outfit color and colored sneakers can give people a headache. 

For colorful sneakers, the jeans are the best. The jeans can be from white to faded or black. The trainers should be in navy blue, black or think gray. Also, the chinos should be navy blue or beige for a perfect outfit. The colored sneakers are meant to do the talking. It means they depict your taste and sense of style. If you would be wearing bright colors, then people would not know where to focus. 

Shoes For Men

Chukka Boots 

Chukka boots are ankle-high leather boots. They come with leather or suede uppers, rubber or leather soles, and open lacing. There are only two to three pairs of eyelets for lacing. The name chukka comes from the game of polo. It is a period of play in a polo game. Chukka boots are generally desert boots that were worn by British soldiers during World War II. 

The Chukka Boots are like a kind of sneakers but in boots shape. They are simple and versatile boots that look great with any of the outfits. Also, you can wear them all the time or wherever you go. They are made from suede or calfskin. They first became popular in the 1940s as casual wear. Nowadays, they are paired with casual outfits such as jeans or with formal outfits such as suits. 


The brown leather chukka boots go well with anything. On the other hand, the grey suede is also a versatile choice. One of the updated versions of Chukka boots is Bushacre. It is an affordable and leather chukka that has been popular for many years. 

Scout, another version of Chukka boots, in the terms of formality is the middle-of-the-road Chukka. But it is not as casual as a true desert boot. Also, you cannot pair it with a suit and tie as a dressy chukka. The perfect way of wearing chukkas is casual and smart casual. For business casual looks, you can pair it with chinos and a shirt tucked in. 

The midnight blue suede chukka boots go well with different shades of chinos and jeans. You can add them to your wardrobe if you want to break the streak of brown chukka shoes. The dressier Chukka boots are perfect for suits and wool pants. They are made of calf’s hide with flex stitch finishing. 

If you find a good pair of Chukka boots, you will be able to wear them for a long time without wear and tear. 

Lace-Up Work Boots 

The boots are a specific type of footwear that covers the ankle or even lower calf. Sometimes it extends to the leg such as the knee or hip. Talking about lace-up work boots, then there are different types of boots. In the winter season, when you put on the layer of vest, sweaters, and coats, you look bulky from the top half. Now you have to cover the lower half too. 


A pair of boots can help you to cover the lower half and to balance the silhouette. The basic leather lace-up boots are loved by everyone. It is one of the minimal shoe collections. You can pair the boots with raw denim, vest, flannel shirts, Henley, and leather coat jackets. The cap toe leather lace-ups are versatile. They come in different sizes and colors. With stiff chinos or thrashed denim, they look perfect. 


Moccasin is a shoe made of deerskin or soft leather. The sole and sides are made of one piece of leather. The word moccasin dates the back to early 1600s referring to the construction of the shoe. Nowadays, they come in different sizes and shapes. They give a casual look with different outfits. 


The robust version of the moccasin is the blucher moccasin or ranger moccasin. It is a simple camp moccasin version. Some of the loafers or driving shoes are made like moccasins but they are an easy slip-on without laces. Also, you can wear them sockless or with no-show socks. The different types of leather used in the manufacturing of the moccasins enable them to be used for a longer period. 


Brogue is a low-heeled shoe or boot with uppers of sturdy leather. They were traditionally considered as country footwear or outdoor footwear. The common style of brogues is toe-cap styles. They can be wingtip brogues, semi-brogues, longwing brogues, or quarter brogues. Like other types of dress shoes, the brogue was designed as a much more utilitarian shoe than we have it today. 

The holes and perforations in brogue shoes have been there since their birth. It was to drain the water after crossing the bogs and swamps in the mud of Ireland. Today we think of brogues as the accent with a little more respect. 


Hope you don’t end up knee-deep in the dirt while wearing brogues. You can go for the dark brown brogues for formal occasions. For casual days, you can choose lighter brogues. To pair brogues with a suit, you should wear black brogues. Make sure that you don’t get carried away and wear them to a gala. The rule of thumb for choosing brogues is the more the brogues on the shoe, the less formal it will be. 


Oxfords first appeared in Ireland and Scotland. They were sometimes referred to as Balmorals in the honor of Balmoral Castle. However, the shoes were later named Oxfords in the honor of the University of Oxford. Till the 19th century, this shoe style for men did not appear in North America. 

Oxfords were not the same as we see them today. They were smaller than the foot. The side slit became a slide lace that eventually moved to the instep. The students rebelled against the knee-high and ankle-high boots; the Oxford shoes were introduced. 


The Oxfords are characterized by closed lacing unlike the open lacing system of the derby shoe. The design was originally a plain smooth leather shoe. Over the years it has evolved and now includes a wide range of details and fabrics.

Most men wear a pair of black oxfords for formal occasions. If you want to wear them for a casual event, then you should wear tan-colored Oxfords. 


Loafers, originally of Scandinavian origin have become the sartorial look of preppy culture. now it is a streamlined shoe style for men. The low-cut and slip-on loafers are the mainstays of stylish casual wear. Also, they are loved by men in the summers. 


A pair of brown loafers can be paired with a variety of palettes and suits for both casual and formal looks. Navy blue loafers are also a good option to complement the shades like greens, beiges, and whites. If you want to pair loafers to match the neutrals, then the beige loafers will look great and complement the tanned skin. 


Sneakers are also known as athletic shoes, trainers, tennis shoes, kicks, sports shoes, running shoes, joggers, gym shoes, etc. are primarily designed for sports and other forms of exercise. Nowadays, you can wear them for casual events. During the mid-20th century, popular companies like Nike, Converse, Spalding, etc. have been manufacturing the sneakers. The variety of sizes, designs, and colors have gone popular worldwide. Check out these italian sneakers mens for a quality and stylish pair.

Sneakers have played an important role in the hip hop and rock n’roll cultures during the 1970s. The artists have been signing million-dollar deals with popular and major brands to promote their sneakers. 


A comfortable yet stylish pair of running sneakers has become a wardrobe staple. The running sneakers are designed to make you feel great rather than to look great. The versatility of the running sneakers makes them go well with different outfits. The bright colors work well for an eye-catching urban look. 

On the other hand, if you want to have white sneakers, then they will appear bruised and chipped within few weeks. So, you have to take care of them more than running or colored sneakers.

White Sneakers 

If you are looking for a more casual look, you cannot go beyond a simple pair of white low-top sneakers. The high-top sneakers were not tolerated by the people because of their design and colors. The white sneakers when paired with black jeans give you a monochromatic look. The minimal pair of white sneakers can be paired with suits but while wearing a turtle neck or long-sleeved polo shirt. 

Men’s Shoe Fashion – From Formal to Casual Looks

The men’s shoe fashion has changed over the years. Back in the 20th century, if you were wearing tennis shoes with a suit, then you were nothing but a clown. Nowadays, you will see people pairing white sneakers with suits. It means the men’s shoe fashion has not been rigid anymore. Now you can pair any kind of shoes with jeans or chinos for a better look. 

Men’s shoes are not about the look but the comfort or feel. Talking about brogues, they are comfortable formal shoes that you can pair with jeans, chinos or a suit. However, Oxfords can now be paired with jeans rather than limiting it to the suit only. The leather boots or lace-up boots can be paired with different outfits. These boots keep you comfortable and safe from water, mud, cold, etc.