Top Men’s Sneakers for Summer

Sneakers are the footwear of choice for men, especially in the warm summer months. Comfortable, sporting and designed to allow the feet to breathe, sneakers are a sensible choice, too, and whether you are wearing them casually or for taking part in sports, there are plenty to choose from. You know all the top brands – they are worth checking out because, as with all things to do with fashion (check these), quality does stand out – and there are many smaller names on the market that you can take a look at. The only questions are: how do you wear sneakers? What do you pair them with and is there a wrong and right way?

Let’s deal with the last one first: the only time it would be wrong to wear sneakers is when you are attending a formal occasion. Sneakers with a suit, or even with smart trousers, is simply not done in formal settings. For any other time, whether smart-casual or simply an evening out in the town, sneakers are fine (but, check any bars or other places you are planning on visiting in case they have a dress code that bans sneakers). How do you wear them? That’s your choice, but let’s talk about some different options.  You should also look for sarouel homme to get yourself a funky look.

Wearing Sneakers with Style

If you want to wear sneakers with style, it pays to know how to pull off the right look, and there are a number of different ideas you could explore. Men’s fashion is constantly evolving as you will see if you check here for inspiration, yet the classic garments and footwear still come to the fore. Sneakers are a classic – a timeless one too – that have their roots in athletic shoes, but things have come a long way lately and there are some truly stylish designs.

Sneakers come in a wide range of colours, but it is still those that are predominantly white that are favoured by most men, and for good reason: white sneakers – or white with a touch of other colours – can be worn with pretty much anything as they will never clash. This is a good reason why, whatever else you have in your closet, a pair of quality white sneakers (see this outfit) should also be there, as it’s an easy way to make sure you have the right footwear at short notice!

Sneakers with pair of chinos is a great summer look, too, with a polo or t-shirt and a lightweight blazer, and one that goes down well on any smart-casual occasion, while a pair of jeans with sneakers and a plain shirt simply can’t age, it’s a great look for anywhere, and one that needs little thought to put together.

Choosing Sneakers

With so much choice available when it comes to sneakers, how do you choose the right pair? First, if its not a white pair youre looking for you have a lot of choice of colours some bright and very noticeable, others muted and not so obvious. We recommend the brightly coloured shoes for beach-wear ideal with your favourite pair of shorts and a t-shirt but if you want to wear them on a casual basis, be careful that you choose jeans or trousers that go with them.

Next, you want to make sure you buy a pair that give you the right level of comfort and support. Size is very important in footwear, and it is recommended that you visit a shoe shop and have your size accurately measured remember width is important too. If you are buying in a shop, rather than online, you also have the chance to try the shoes on, and remember to walk around in them and see how they feel.

Also important is whether you want slip-on sneakers, or youre happy with lace-ups. Many men prefer the latter as they look more classy, but there are some very stylish designs of slip-on sneakers around if youre prepared to look carefully at whats available. They can also be very convenient, especially as beach-wear.

Whatever you choose, sneakers make a great addition to your wardrobe and you will find them an essential purchase for the summer, so why not have a look around now, and see where the bargains are to be found.