Top categories of lace-up boots you can go for in 2021

Boots! Boots! Boots! Women need boots. In a crowd full of flats and sandals, boots are something that makes us women stand out. They are not simply a style statement but a symbol of confidence and elegance. They go with whatever you wear, wherever you go and anything you do. A pair of lace-up boots in 2021 is kind of a must.

As time has progressed, there have been so many alterations and improvements in boots to make them more comfortable, durable, and obviously, fashionable for women of style. From simple ankle boots to knee-high boots, the choice in boots is also extravagant. And sometimes while gliding through your favorite online shoe shop, looking at boots, you might find yourself in a bit of a puddle not being able to make a firm decision on which boots to go for.

The vast category light just makes you feel a little confused and if you don’t know your boots, the problem can even further. But, don’t worry. Here are a few categories of lace-up boots you should surely know about. Once you read this article, we are sure you will easily pick up a boot for yourself in no time.

High heel boots

If you are a little short in height and want to gather a bit of confidence when going out at parties or outdoors with friends, high heels boots are perfect for you. These lace-up boots have heels that won’t hurt you much, and you will be able to carry them easily. The best colors you can go to in these boots are black. When it comes to clothing, they pretty much go with anything you wear that ranges from skirts to pants and more. If you are in the mood to have some fun, you can also pull out your old denim and rock these boots with them.

The hiking boot

If you love to venture out in the outdoors, love to hike, amidst nature, and enjoy the flora and fauna, thinking boots are the ones made for you. They are better than your simple sports shoes and deliver the right amount of comfort and confidence in tough terrains. If it snows in your neighborhood, these boots can be used there as well. Hiking boots are also very easily available online or at any shoe store near you. In short, these are a must for women who love to adventure.

Chelsea Boots

If you’re looking for a classic, minimal look – Chelsea boots are probably going to be one of the best ways to achieve this type of style. Instantly recognisable because of their famous silhouette, easy to slip on or off due to the lack of laces, you can’t really go wrong. One of the most popular brands for this type of boot is Blundstone because they offer different coloured elastic. From rock stars to office workers, the Chelsea boot is a staple in UK fashion and goes with loads of different outfits. We spotted a few pairs walking around London streets and they looked great with black skinny jeans. A decent pair can feel slightly pricey but it’s totally worth it for the quality as they’ll last you for many years.

Chukka boots

These are smaller than your usual ankle boots and similar to your casual shoes. They are more manly. Carrying them is easy and they are one of the most comfortable laces up boots among all the other kinds. Wearing them is only a couple of lace ties away. You can rock these with your long pants at your office parties. If you are looking for a pair of shoes for work, these Chukka boots are the best. So, don’t think much when you see these. If comfort and professional shoes are what you are looking for, go for these, or just skip along.

The knee-high lace-up boot

Knee-high boots are the traditional lace-up boots with laces that begin at your ankle and go all the way up to your knees. Wearing them can be a little hustle for you but once they are on and you head out, you can find people looking over and over again at you, admiring your shoes. It is natural that with such lengthy laces to take care of, you need to know your way around.

Platform heels

Platform heels are also laced up. As the name suggests they are one of those boots with a high and wide heel. This exerts less pressure on your legs and allows you to wear them longer than any other form of heels. You can rock these with your denim and even a gorgeous black dress. They are readily available on various online and offline platforms. They are best meant for parties and gatherings than in a professional workplace. So, consider this while you make your decision on these.

That’s it. Now, you are ready to pick yourself a lace boot when you see one. Consider things like why you want the boots and where you are going to wear them while picking any one of the above options. Also, shop from an authentic website or shop only. Don’t go for those cheap boots that start causing itching after a few days of wearing them. Be smart, choose right.