Guide to Wearing Bracelets

Bracelets are the underused accessory of choice today. It’s a favorite accessory for kids, but when they grow up, they usually ditch this wrist ornament. Many women do not consider adding a bracelet to an outfit already accessorized with necklace and earrings. Some find it challenging to accessorize outfits with bracelets as they say it gets in the way, while some say it’s difficult to find the right occasion to wear them. Also, many people find bracelets hard to match with other accessories, so they eliminate bracelets from their jewelry boxes altogether.

Regardless of these opinions, bracelets are still one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry a woman can buy for herself. When worn the right way, bracelets can add a perfect touch of glamour and class to any outfit.

1. Consider your event

When you’re choosing what piece to wear, make sure you consider the place, occasion, or event. When you’re going to the office, you don’t want to disrupt the work environment with bracelets that make a lot of noise, like those with bells as charms, or a bunch of bangles clanking together. When you’re going to work or a professional meeting, your bracelet must be thin and stylish. If you’re wearing a stylish outfit, a neutral or simple bracelet will be enough. But if you’re wearing a neutral or plain outfit, then you can wear an accent bracelet. When you’re going to special events or at a party with friends, you shouldn’t worry about your bracelet being noisy.

2. Keep it classic

If you’re wearing the classic look a little black dress the best way to accessorize it is to wear a beautiful gold or silver bracelet. It’s timeless, and it won’t look cheap. Adding on same-hued hoop earrings will be a stunner. You don’t have to overdo it with your bracelet. Be comfortable stacking on a few, but there’s a fine line between beautifully stacked and overloaded.

3. Comfort comes first

You don’t have to force yourself to wear a chunky bracelet if you’re not comfortable wearing it. A good rule of thumb is if it looks too big on your wrist, it won’t look good on you regardless of how pretty it is.

Also, make sure that the bracelet you choose feels snugly on your wrist. You don’t want to wear a bracelet that will make you wonder if it’s still there once in a while and where you dropped it if it falls off. You don’t also want a bracelet that will leave marks on your wrist because it’s too tight. A tight bracelet can also make your wrist too large.

4. Consider the size

The width of the band, the weight of the bracelet, and the size of beads and embellishments also matter. Make it complement your appearance, and make sure to consider your bone structure. This way, you can know whether to look for a bracelet that’s wide or narrow, solid or delicate, or simple or elegant.

There are different ways how you can choose a bracelet that works best for your wrist size:

  • If you want your wrist to look more proportional to the rest of your frame, choose a bracelet that matches the size of your wrist. For instance, if you have large wrists, go for chunky bracelets, and if you have narrow wrists, you can go for delicate bracelets.
  • If you want your wrists to appear even smaller or larger, choose a bracelet that’s opposite of your wrist size. For instance, you can wear a wide bracelet if you have small wrists, or small bracelet if you have a large wrist.
  • If you like to keep the look balanced or closer to average size, you can choose a bracelet that neither emphasizes nor contrasts the look of your wrists. You can do this by buying medium-sized bracelets that look well for all wrist sizes.

5. You may opt for a bracelet that works dual function

You can purchase a bracelet that works double as a watch. It’s a beautiful timepiece that will work as a good decorative piece in your wrist. This way, you are getting two for the price of one. You may opt for a charm bracelet or a beaded elastic strap in which you can attach an Apple watch.

6. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

You shouldn’t load all your bracelets onto both of your wrists when going out with friends or on a date. Usually, less is more, and a single bracelet on one wrist is enough. But if that’s not you, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. You can wear a couple of bracelets of different patterns, different colors, or different widths on one wrist to add visual interest to your outfit. The look of multiple bracelets can look beautiful, given that you’re wearing the right outfit. When it comes to picking out what bracelets to stack, trust your own judgment.

7. Do not mix metals

You can mix and match, but there’s a non-mixable one: metals. If you’re going for gold, wear gold all the way, or pair it with other metals like beaded bracelets if you’re mixing it up. The same thing goes for silver, platinum, or other metals you may wear. Mixing different hued metals may look messy, and it doesn’t lead to the fashionable look that you may be looking for.

8. Explore different bracelet styles

Accessorizing is about adding an interesting detail to your usual ensemble. You may explore these bracelet styles, besides your usual bangles and chain bracelets.

  • Beads – Natural stone bracelet beads come in different varieties and colors.
  • Bohemian – Bohemian bracelets came in different styles and made of different materials such as wrapped leather, woven hemp, beads, tassels, and semi-precious stones.
  • Leather – For rugged types who are not into metals nor beads, leather bracelets can be an accessory option. It can go from edgy to casual to dressy. It depends on how you style them.
  • Macrame – The macramé bracelet features a rope that makes it a great casual accessory. It can feature beads, stone, and coins.
  • Prayer bracelets– Prayer bracelets are made of beads, whether wood or stone. It’s used by religious people for prayer and meditation.

9. Consider sleeve length

The shirt you wear matters also. If it’s going to cover your wrists, don’t bother wearing bracelets. It may feel good to accessorize, and you may think that you need to pull your sleeves up a little to show off your bracelet. However, it’s best to wear sleeves that won’t reach your wrists if you want to don your new bracelet.

10. Be wise in buying

It may be tempting to buy a piece of costume jewelry or a piece of fast fashion because it looks trendy today, and it’s cheap. But before doing that, take a second to think if you’ll ever wear it again, or if you’ll wear it with your other clothes. Sometimes, we tend to buy accessories with an outfit to pair it with in mind, but if you think you can’t wear it with your other clothes, look further. There are a time and place for fun costume jewelry, but you must also consider treating yourself with timeless pieces of bracelets that will never go out of style.

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