Guide to Wearing Hair Jewelry

What do you wear on your hair, apart from the twisted towel and a couple of hair elastics? These things work for everyday use, but you may need to dress it up a little bit to change things up. Since the natural hair movement has taken off, various hair ornaments and pieces of jewelry have been available. If you want to look pretty with a modern flair, try wearing hair jewelry. It’s an excellent accessory for the spring and summer, especially if you love the bohemian look. Hair jewelry also pairs flawlessly with floral or lacey outfits.

General tips on wearing hair jewelry

Wear it only when your hair is dry.

Wait until your hair is completely dry before applying your jewelry. This will help prevent shrinkage around the accessory and to prevent the silver from tarnishing or rusting. Even damp hair can cause damage caused by moisture to your jewelry, so make sure your hair is completely dry.

Make sure you secure your jewelry.

Hair jewelry doesn’t automatically stay in place, so make sure that you protect it from getting entangled in your hair. This is essential, especially if you’re going outdoors or riding in the car with windows down. To secure your jewelry, make sure you have bobby pins securely fastened in your hair. The last thing you want is an unplanned cut because the jewelry got tangled in a complicated way.

Remove the jewelry before going to bed.

Hair jewelry may likely snap as you toss and turn during sleep, so no matter how tired you were, remove it. Also, it may cause discomfort, and it may hurt your head if you’re still wearing it during sleep.

Ways to wear hair jewelry

Here are some of the ways you can wear jewelry (or jewelry-like items) in your hair to accessorize:

1. Use rhinestone hair stickers.

If you’re running out of ideas about what to do to your hair to make it fancy at a party, buy some sticky hair gems. Make it the focal point of your hair, and you will surely have a beautified hairdo.

2. Wear hairpins with pearls.

Instead of getting the usual black hairpin, you can get a unique hairpin with small fake pearls to accessorize your hair. It’s simple yet incredibly gorgeous if you group them. It’s perfect for an updo or a bridal hairstyle.

3. Wear a fancy beaded hair clip comb.

Looking for an excellent way to style your hair? Go for a beautiful and fancy hair clip comb with the added bling. The eye-catching combination of beads and metals can easily create a gorgeous look for your hair while keeping it up.

4. Use a metal bun or ponytail holder.

If a high bun or a high ponytail is your favorite hairstyle to wear, try on a metal hair cuff ponytail holder. It helps make your casual hairstyle look more sophisticated and elegant. You can use a metal bracelet as well, instead of using unique hair accessories.

5. Wear a chain on your head.

A dainty little head chain can go a long way. Chains aren’t just for necks, wrists, and ankles, but also the hair. This can look extraordinary or unexpected, but it will be nice for you to try your own styles. It’s a piece of nice hair jewelry to use if you prefer to let your hair down, but it suits high hairstyles and braids really well. It’s perfect to use with bohemian outfits.

6. Use sparkly hair clips.

Enhance the beauty of your look by wearing sparkly and trendy hair-clips. These are evening hair solutions that will add beauty and style along with your hairstyle. It adds a neat radiance as these small, elegant accessories add a lot of chic and charm to the whole hairdo.

7. Look more sophisticated using a crystal barrette.

A hair barrette with artificial stones, pearls, and metal alloy can make a hairdo look more formal, which is great for an occasion. It can also prettify any casual get-up. If you have no time to make a creative hairstyle, just wear it above your low messy bun – it glams up the classic “I woke up like this” style.

8. For a modern chic style, use hollow geometric hairpins.

For many things, less is more. And nowadays, geometric hairpin is in because it’s neat and minimalistic. It holds your hair back with a little cuteness and shine. Most of these hairpins are available in metallic colors, such as gold, silver, or rose gold. It’s suitable hair jewelry of choice for daily wear.

9. Add metallic hair sticks to your hairdo.

Chopsticks are not just for sushi time. It’s good to try on metallic hair sticks to glam up your look, showcase your exquisite sense of style, and emphasize your femininity. You can opt for a simple pair of metallic chopsticks , antique bronze chopsticks with elegant topper design , or a single hair stick with a beautiful array of rhinestones, pearls, and shell flower.

10. Make a fancy hairdo out of beads.

Kinky twists, dreadlocks, and small braids can easily be part of your authentic style. Adding hair beads can make it look more stylish and exciting. You can opt for Tibetan hair beads with a medieval and antique finish . You may also choose natural wood beads if you prefer something more natural. If you’re going for the hip-hop style, you may opt for fabric hair “beads” with colorful crocheted designs.

11. Feel like a goddess with hair accessories designed as gold leaves.

Do you want to look like a Greek goddess? Adding golden leaves in the form of hairpins or headband can help you look regal yet simple. This kind of hair jewelry can freshen up any hairstyle and emphasize your sense of style.

12. Wear pretty kitty ears.

This sexy and quirky jewelry piece is created exclusively for girls with a fine sense of humor and willingness to experiment with something unusual. Pick kitty ears headband made of gold with rhinestones so it won’t look juvenile. You can wear it to glam up your everyday style, or wear it with a luxurious evening gown and look seductive.