Stay Timeless: 5 Classic Jewelry Pieces You Need in Your Collection

The United States jewelry industry alone is worth over 18 billion dollars!

It’s no surprise jewelry is one of the oldest and widest spread ways to enhance our natural beauty. If you’re just starting your jewelry collection or have a few classic jewelry pieces missing, this guide can help you get up to speed.

So read on, and get ready to look your best!

1. Earrings

Earrings are often the first piece of jewelry someone will wear, one of the essential pillars of a jewelry set.

Out of the almost infinite variety of earrings available, diamond earrings are perhaps the most iconic. A simple, eye-catching pair of diamond earrings from would give a finishing touch to your most elegant outfit.

Pearl earrings are almost as crucial, and they have the advantage of matching well with a variety of outfit types. Formal or casual, pearl earrings are a fast and easy way to take any outfit up to the next level.

Hoop earrings are another earring style that can work for different styles. If you’re going to a formal event, then gold and diamond (or cubic zirconium) hoops can be a great choice, while a casual, everyday outfit might call for some fun, colorful hoops.

2. Necklaces

Necklaces and pendants have been an extremely popular jewelry choice for men and women across the millennia. In stories of fantasy and magic, necklaces are the most common jewelry item to hold special powers. Even in the real world, it’s undeniable that there’s something magical about wearing just the right necklace.

A pendant is one of those must-have necklaces, a sophisticated, understated item that brings your whole outfit together. The bigger the necklace, the more it draws attention to your great top, while a subtler choice can help show your taste and attention to detail.

3. Rings

Rings have been chosen by many cultures to be worn permanently by married couples. If a classic jewelry item is tolerable to wear day after day for many years, then you know it must be comfortable and go with everything!

Rings are a great way to spruce up any of the outfits you wear throughout the week. A gold or silver ring can be a simple, elegant jewelry choice that adds a touch of refinement to an everyday outfit. A more eye-catching cocktail ring is one of those essential items to be worn on special occasions.

The nlassa ruby is a striking addition to a ring that makes for a great conversation starter.

4. Bracelets

Bracelets are a staple jewelry item that provides almost infinite room for expression.

A tennis bracelet is a must-have jewelry choice that can be worn every day. Or you can have different bracelets for every day of the week and for every occasion. Bracelets are the one jewelry item that you can really push to wild, colorful limits.

5. Watches

A quality watch is a useful jewelry item. It even gives you an excuse to show it off by checking the time! Watches are a great choice for a working professional who wants to look well put together and elegant at the same time.

Keep Your Fashion Up to Date With These Classic Jewelry Pieces

Adding any of these classic jewelry pieces to your wardrobe will take your fashion sense up a notch.

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