Unisex Clothing 101: Your Complete Guide to Gender-Neutral Clothing

The unisex clothing revolution is underway. If you’re tired of looking for gender specific clothing, unisex clothes are the answer. Read our guide now.

Did you know that men wore skirts throughout ancient history? It wasn’t until centuries later that men and women began to diverge and develop gender-specific fashions.

But fashion is cyclical, and it was only a matter of time that we came back around to sharing clothing. The trend of unisex clothing started in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until recent years that the trend really took off.

Curious if unisex fashion might be perfect for you? Read our guide and learn how you can try out this trend.

Should You Try the Unisex Clothing Look?

Are you ready for a completely different and new look? Then why not give the androgynous look a try?

Gender-neutral clothes are great for children. You can start by not having a gender-specific nursery. Then you can give your child the freedom to choose what they want to wear.

How to Shop Unisex Clothing 

The unisex clothing of previous generations actually enhanced the gender of the wearer. This is different from the unisex clothing of today that blurs the gender line and creates a sense of androgyny.

Look for pieces that have a looser fit. Sometimes they are sewn to have a fitted look, just not so fitted that they accentuate. Other pieces will be downright baggy.


Then pay attention to color. You’ll find that most unisex clothing of today tends to be black, white, or neutral tones. This eliminates the bias of colors in the clothing.


While simplicity is key, this doesn’t mean you have to give up accessories. Look for belts as this is an accessory that is universally worn. You can wear a watch, chain, or bracelet, just keep them simple.


Shopping for unisex shoes can be tricky. For many women, they keep their heels. But if you want to wear unisex shoes, look for boots or dress shoes.

Sizing is different for men and women, so try the shoes on to be sure they fit. Sizes also vary from one brand to the next, so again, always try them on.


For men, shopping for the right size will be easier. Most unisex clothing follows men’s sizing when it comes to labeling clothes. This means they already know their waist size and inseam.

For women, you’ll need to learn these measurements. That way, you end up with a pair of pants that fit both your waist and height. Or you buy a shirt that fits both your arm length and shoulder width.

Blue Jeans 

A staple in American fashion today, blue jeans were one of the first gender crossing garments. The tough material made them perfect for any activity as they were durable enough to withstand abuse.

Jeans are perfect for pulling off a unisex look today because of their simplicity. They don’t require a lot of tailoring or styling.

Try the Look 

Look for jeans that are less fitted, such as skinny jeans. Embrace a lower crotch too. Then pair your relaxed fit jeans with a plain t-shirt or looser sweater.


What could be more comfortable than a tunic made of super soft material? These shirts provide the ultimate in a relaxed style with their looser fit and long fabric through the torso.

You’ll find that many tunics don’t have an intended front or back. They also have complete versatility when it comes to how you wear it.

Try the Look 

Tunics that work well for unisex clothing tend to be subdued. They can vary in length from being a long t-shirt to extending below the knees.

If your tunic is long enough, you can wear it by itself. However, if it isn’t, you’ll need to stay decent by pairing it with a pair of pants. You can try a few different fits, such as slim, jogger, or harem.

Evening Wear 

This isn’t about women wearing tuxes. The rules of sparkly gowns and lace-up corsets are also out. Instead, stick to clothing that offers clean straight lines.

Try the Look

Try putting together a crisp white button-down and a sleek pair of black trousers. You can add a bit of edge to your outfit by looking for pants that are vinyl or leather.


When the weather starts to get cooler, you can keep your look by finding a unisex sweater. The best ones will be chunky and have a loose fit.

Try the Look 

Balance out your bulky sweater by wearing it with a pair of tailored pants. They shouldn’t be too slim-fitting, but you don’t want baggy either.

Then to keep yourself from looking like your grandfather, throw some boots on. You could try highly polished combat boots or a pair of leather ankle booties.


Embrace a structured button-down. Unisex shirts tend to follow men’s shirt sizing. This means they tend to have a looser fit through the shoulders and higher necklines.

Try the Look 

Look for a button-down that’s in a more subdued color or pattern. Then pair your button-down with your relaxed jeans or trousers. If you want to add a feminine touch, you can put on a pair of structured or chunky heels.

If you opt for a t-shirt instead, try tucking it in. Then fold up the bottom of the pants to create a cuff.

Trying Out the Unisex Clothing Trend 

Are you ready to give the unisex clothing trend a try? You probably already have a couple of pieces in your closet that will work.

The important thing when dressing in a unisex style is to opt for neutral colors and a more relaxed fit. True unisex clothing isn’t made for a man or woman’s body. So prepare for it not to be flattering to your shape.

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