Golf Cleats Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Are you ready to play golf? Here’s what you need to know about golf cleats and how they are suited to the course.

The rules of golf are fairly simply, especially when compared to some other sports.

But, while the basic rules of the game are simple, one must keep in mind that the sport of golf has a whole other set of rules: the rules of etiquette.

Golf, perhaps more so than any other sport, has a long list of etiquette rules that aren’t meant to be broken. And while some of these rules may seem strict, they’re in place to make sure the game remains fair and safe.

Learning golf etiquette rules as a beginner can be a lot. But, if you don’t want to embarrass yourself out on the green, you need to learn them.

One of the biggest aspects of golf etiquette has to do with golf cleats. What do you need to know about golf cleats etiquette?

Check out this guide to find out.

Only Some Courses Require Cleats 

Many people are confused as to whether or not golf cleats are really a requirement.

The truth is, only some golf courses require you to wear cleats. Typically, cleats are required at fancier golf clubs, such as ones at country clubs, resorts, or luxury hotels.

And, even if most courses don’t require you to wear cleats, a lot of courses have a ban on certain types of footwear.

So, if you’re scheduled for a round of golf soon but don’t own golf shoes, it’s a good idea to call the course or to check out their website. If course does, in fact, require golf cleats, you should also inquire about rental options. Most courses that require you to wear golf cleats offer rentals, so either way, you should be fine.  You can also check out Clarkes Golf as well.

No Golf Shoes, No Problem 

If the course you’re playing on doesn’t require you to wear cleats, that’s great. However, this doesn’t mean you should waltz onto the golf course in a pair of flip flops.

Not only does this look tacky, but it’s also a safety hazard. The wrong pair of shoes can cause you to trip and twist an ankle while playing. So, if you don’t have cleats, at least try to find a pair of shoes that have a good grip on the bottom.

Most people who don’t own golf cleats opt for a comfortable pair of running shoes.

Off the Course 

If you’re playing at a nicer course that requires you to wear cleats, then you’ll still want to remember to bring a change of shoes.

It’s considered very poor etiquette to walk around a pro shop or restaurant with cleats on. Plus, other surfaces can wear down your cleats.

So, if you plan to hang out with your buddies after you finish your round of golf, be sure to pack some tennis shoes or sandals.

USGA Etiquette 

Great care goes into maintaining golf courses, and it’s no wonder why. A golf course that has bumps or holes in it or is poorly maintained can have a huge effect on the golfers’ game.

This is why the USGA requires that golfers who cause damage to the green because of their shoes repair it. If you create a divot on the green from your shoes, then you should use a divot marker to fix the area.

All you have to do to repair the divot is to work the grass into the ground. Then, pat down the divot using the bottom of your putter. This will get the green ready for the next crew.

Matching Apparel 

Of course, golf shoes are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to appropriate attire.

In addition to wearing the right shoes, you also want to make sure you’re wearing the right outfit. Different clubs have different rules when it comes to apparel, but when in doubt, you should wear a pair of golf pants and a golf polo.

You’ll also want your shoes and socks to match. So, if you wear white cleats, make sure you wear white socks. The same goes for any other color.

Why Wear Golf Shoes? 

As we said earlier, all the rules of golf etiquette are there for a reason—they’re meant to make playing safer, fairer, and more enjoyable.

This is especially true when it comes to golf shoes. You’ll enjoy your golf game significantly more when you wear the right golf shoes. Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing golf shoes:

  • They prevent your feet from moving when you swing
  • They offer sturdiness
  • Spikes reduce your chances of slipping
  • They offer support to areas of the feet that move most when inside the shoe
  • They’re extremely water-resistant
  • They offer a lot of traction, which is great for when you’re on uneven ground

Overall, golf shoes will help you play safely, and, they can even improve the overall performance of your game.

Choosing the Right Golf Cleats

If you want to reap all of the benefits that golf cleats offer, you need to make sure you choose the right pair.

When shopping, you’ll want to look for shoes that:

  • Have 1/4 to 1/2 inch of wiggle room in the forefront. Your feet can swell up after a long day on the course, so this is why the extra room is very important
  • Don’t give you any pain when walking
  • Don’t cause your feet to slide around
  • Offer a snug fit at the heel and midfoot
  • Offers about 5/8 inch of space between the top eyelets when laced. This is for adequate width

There are tons of brands to choose from when it comes to golf cleats. This is why many people find it best to rent cleats first to get a feel for what materials and styles they like. There are many collections of men’s golf shoes you can find online that can give you a good idea of what’s out there.

Staying on Par with Golf Etiquette 

So, now that you know the rules of etiquette when it comes to golf cleats, you’re ready to head out and play.

Just make sure you also brush up on all the other golf etiquette rules before heading out.

And, be sure to check back in with our blog for more tips and tricks for sports fans!