Cheerleading: what is this?

Here is Friday night football coming. Everyone is excited to see them – cheerleaders which gives the signal “The game started!” Suddenly the public starts screaming lauder and lights shine brighter – Ladies and Gentlemen – cheerleaders on the field! Nice – right? So the picture is more than epic at such moments. But let us go behind the scene and take a look at how all the cheerleader factory is set up. Still many people consider the cheerleader a teenager standing on the sideline with pom-poms and shouting cheers. The history of cheerleading took its first steps in the late 1800s and rose up to the National Cheerleading Association in 1948. Now this stream is a very competitive element in athletic department. The cheerleading is not only what we can see on the Friday night and even doesn’t end after high school. This is really a very serious sport and is not just a sideline entertainment. When it comes to the game itself – mostly football or basketball, though we can meet cheering team when baseball or soccer game, as well as volleyball and wrestling – the cheerleading stay active within the whole event on the sideline.

Cheerleading what is this

What do you need to become a cheerleader at college?

Very obvious thing there is hard work is making a base for being a cheerleader. The practice in tumbling, stunting and dancing measures not by one year. In addition the strength in those skills must be maintained through the whole time. The colleges rely on the cheerleaders to first decide which school they would like to attend and then contact the coaches about trying out for the cheerleading team. Collegiate cheerleading teams host clinics where they invite current high school cheerleaders to showcase their talent. So while the day sessions cheerleaders show their aerial acrobatics. Being cheerleaders means being not only able to impress the fans by excellent gymnastics but the ability to promote the spirit of a game. Being the on of the cheerleaders means not to attend all those practice sessions and workout sessions, but learn cheers for ball games and represent those games. The cheerleaders are needed at pep rallies too. A lot of universities usually have two cheer squads. They differ by color. In fact two squads represent the school pride. But it is not discussed which team is better. But of course everyone knows that one team is superior. So if you are in not the leading squad that is not a bad signal. As that is always a chance to be promoted to a higher cheerleader when the replacement is needed. Here is what exactly cheerleaders need to be.

Crowd Leaders: The cheerleaders keep contact with fans by forcing the team to play better. They are the face of the school traditions and express it with songs, chants and cheers.

Spirit Raisers: The cheerleaders carry school pride. So that is the main role of being able to produce energy through the whole game.

School Ambassadors: Supporting college pride and honor in such an active way the cheerleaders make graduated students come back to the college for special events.

Athletes: The cheerleaders need to keep their physical strength all over such “career” as more than often main task is to lift other college athletes while performing their stunts, tumbling and pyramids. The key question is whether college athletes should receive money, as they defend the honor of the college by participating in various sports disciplines.

Entertainers: Being a part of cheerleading teams require the ability to keep college cheer while game day activities, timeouts, halftime, and post game performances. Their chants cheer the student fan zone, alumni, and parents to achieve optimum school spirit.

It is very important to keep high grade point averages in order to remain in the cheerleading team. Thus we can say college cheerleader is really a college face. Being a part of such sports shows not only the highest level of sports you are doing but also your studying success.

cheerleader at college

What attracts in the cheerleading position?

Cheerleading has a very positive result in university life. As this is not only the fact of being engaged in the most interesting part of university activity but is good soil for a future career. As being involved in a cheerleading program gives a key into high school sports manager. And this in turn opens doors to developing of the athletic department. The result: an effective athletic department career and interesting work in this department.

So when being cheerleaders for the college team or school gives a big advantage among other students. This shows which value you can be and also not without great future perspectives in your life. Many people find cheerleading important to develop new stunts in college if they didn’t have such an opportunity at their local school.

Being engaged in cheerleading always shows being the best of the best. And even after graduation from the colleges many students use their college cheerleading experience and become successful as cheerleaders for popular sport teams. Very common became to move with cheerleading as a coach after college and as many coaches some time ago came out from spirit squads at their college or high school. So the experience got while college cheerleading is that part of your biography which unlocks a lot of heavy accessible doors and presents your leading life position without any words.

cheerleading position

What is good about cheerleading?

The popularity of why colleges imply cheerleading programs is that it gives students many advantages comparing if they study at other colleges. Successful cheerleader is not only the one who spends time on school sidelines. But high school cheerleading turns college cheerleaders into the coaches in the future. The cheerleading coach is a valuable skill that won’t leave you invisible when building any kind of career. We can say college cheerleader is always one step ahead of the others. The explanation is very easy: cheer and leading are those two components that bring more confidence to life. This strength makes us powerful as a leader.