What is the Difference Between a Bra and a Bralette?

There are endless options when it comes to clothing, especially undergarments. As a woman, you’re always curious and would want to explore new clothing just for the fun of it. Bras are intimate clothing for women and have been around for centuries. The main function of being worn is to provide support for the breasts. A normal bra will have two cups that are meant to hold the breasts in position. The main difference between a bra and a bralette will be the functionality. A bra is mainly worn to provide function while a bralette will be worn for style and sometimes comfort. Most bralettes will come strap-free and are comfortably padded.

It is believed that the bralette came first before the bra but there has been an ongoing debate on the dates.

What is Bralette?

When the word “bralette” is mentioned, a lot of the women will mostly think about the shape instead of the function.  To some, it is the wireless version of a typical bra. It could be a lace bralette without the straps. They’re usually ideal for women with smaller breasts because they define the breasts and also comfortable. Women with big breasts will find it challenging to wear bralettes because there is no extra padding which is necessary in order to provide the support that is provided with a normal bra. In the past, bralettes were seen as undergarments to be worn by teens but that has changed over the years. Nowadays, women of all ages can wear bralettes without a problem.

What Can You Wear With Bralettes?

This is a question you’re likely to ask yourself once you’ve decided to be wearing bralettes. One of the biggest concerns you could be having is rocking them without the discomfort of feeling too exposed. The majority of women will prefer to wear it with a button-down shirt. This makes it seamless to incorporate the bralette as part of the outfit without necessarily feeling exposed. There are ladies that will prefer to wear them under dresses, sweaters, lightweight shirts so that there is a little room for imagination. There are limitless options to what you can do with a bralette as it functions just like a normal bra.

Should You Get a Bralette?

There is no definite answer to this question as it will mostly be determined by the support that is required for your particular situation. Women with bigger bosoms will obviously struggle with bralettes as they provide little to no support at all. They can be ideal for lounging around or running errands but that is just about it. You’ll need a better solution in case you’re out all day. An alternative would be to shop for bralettes that include underbust band molded cups for a little bit of lift for the breasts.

Women will choose to switch to bralettes for a couple of reasons. There are those that find normal bras to be boring and uncomfortable. Such women are all about embracing their figure instead of trying to hide what is beneath.

Where Can You Buy Bralettes?

Bralette just as with most clothing can easily be bought online. There are tons of stores that have different designs to cater to different shoppers. When shopping, it is important that you’re buying from a reputable store. You also want to find out about the material used for making the bralette as that will play a big role in determining the comfort levels. Shopping provides the opportunity to compare products based on prices so that you’re getting the best deal with the purchase.

Should You Get a Bra or Bralette?

As we’ve already mentioned, the decision to buy a piece of clothing will ultimately water down to personal preferences. Those with a small bust will not have problems whatsoever with bralettes and can make the undergarment of choice as an alternative to bras. Those with big breasts could be limited to the options that are available. It can sometimes be challenging to get the right bralettes for a function and style perspective given the most manufacturers will focus on producing for the masses.

To Conclude

We hope you’ve learned the discerning differences between a bra and a bralette. Both are excellent undergarment options for women. You always give the bralettes a try if you’ve never worn them before. It can be hard to get back to wearing bras once you get used to them.