What is the best 4tb hard drive?

The hard drive is considered as an essential component of laptop and desktop. It is a permanent data storage where data does not vanish off after switching the device off.

If you are going to purchase a 4tb hard drive as well as you are thinking of upgrading old HDD, you should be careful in choosing one. There is great need to find the right product and do not take it carelessly because they are one essential ingredient for a perfect rig.

There are multiple specifications needed to know before buying the best 4tb hard drive, such as the height of the hard disk drive, capacity as well as transfer rate. You should check the compatibility of the device with a hard disk drive with the size of HDD. Let’s have a look at some of the best 4tb hard drives for your PC or laptop.

Seagate Desktop HDD ST4000DM000

  • RPM: 5900

  • Cache Size: 64 MB

  • Read and Write Speed: 176 MB/s, 152 MB/s

  • Warranty: 2 Years

This hard drive from Seagate is significantly created for all the regular performances with the capability of 4tb. There is great need to know that the ST4000DM000 comes with a 5900 RPM spindle speed that is responsible for confines all the data transfer rate to 176MB/s as well as reduces the power consumption.

This hard disk drive also comes with 64 MB of cache memory with a DRAM cache in order to increased reliability. The multi-tiered caching is also involved in order to hide peculiarities of SM. It is fascinating to know that Shingled magnetic recording platters are utilized in this hard disc in order to overlap the previously written data.

However, there is great need to know that the overlapping processing tends to slow down the process, but the Seagate has taken care of it by using different ticks such as organizing of SMR tracks into bands.


  • RPM: 5400

  • Cache Size: 64 MB

  • Read and Write Speed: 187 MB/s, 176 MB/s

  • Warranty: 2 Years

Western Digital Blue series HAS become famous these days. They offer affordable prices, and you are allowed to get a decent speed with two years of warranty support from homedepots.store. This drive has been proven in order to be the best in a particular field. The hard disk drive neglects service calls as well as provides minimum TCO results in reducing downtime.

The power consumption is one of the essential features. The scientists are still trying to invent a technology that could take the least power to run. It is fascinating to know that the WD Blue is capable of providing double storage in fewer watts.

The device comes up with SATA 6 b/s interface, as well as with 64 MB cache memory and 5400RPM. The hard disk drive delivers better performance rather than the campaigns with higher spindle speed.

WD Black WD4005FZBX

  • RPM: 7200

  • Cache Size: 256 MB

  • Read and Write Speed: 240 MB/s, 244 MB/s

  • Warranty: 5 Years

The WD Black hard disk drive is significantly designed for the people looking to upgrading their desktop PC storage. The hard drive comes with a lot of variety in the upgrade that surprise you. It is fascinating to know that it does an excellent job for storing multimedia files, video as well as all other stuff with high-speed performance.

Bear in mind that the 4 TB and 3.5-inch form factor variant comes with two variants of the cache memory of128MB and 256MB. The WD’s dynamic cache technology is also best for its high-speed data transfer. In real-time, the device is able to optimize cache between reads and writes. Furthermore, it also reduces the vibration elimination in the system that improves the reliability of the device.

The rotational speed of this hard disk drive is 7200 RPM with fast processing of data. The device is designed with a lot of useful features and specifications it delivers inspiring performance as well as capacity. It is significantly designed for creators and gamers because it works fantastic for video editing and stuff.