Prom Fashion 2021: Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is fast-approaching, and you deserve to stand out like the queen you are. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect prom dress for you.

Did you know that the prom almost fizzled out in the 60s and 70s, but thankfully made a comeback in the 80s? Are you looking forward to going to the prom but worried about not picking out the perfect prom dress?

This article has you covered with your ultimate guide to finding the perfect dress. Read on to discover top tips so you can stand out on prom night.

1. Plan in Advance

When picking out your dream dress, you’ll want to do it 4-6 weeks before prom to allow for any necessary alterations. If you don’t have time you can always shop for a ready-made dress.

2. Get Inspiration

Finding inspiration is vital, check out magazines and the runway for ideas on dresses you really like. Look online for current trends for the season and your favorite styles.

3. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Plan ahead and decide how much you can spend on your dress. Also, keep in mind any other expenses such as makeup, hair clips, pantyhose, etc.

4. Deciding on What Color

The color of your dress is completely up to you, and prom dresses come in pretty much any color. You might want to keep in mind the season of prom, location, and theme. You’ll want to choose a color that compliments you. Redheads look great in purple, blue, and green.

Blonds look great in bold colors, pastels, blues, and reds. If you have dark hair you can usually wear most colors. Also, keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a color. Some pastels and jewel tones could compliment one person but not another. Some skin tones might look washed out by a color like orange, but then others could look stunning.

Play with the different colors to see what works best for you.

Skin Tone

If you have dark skin, red, gold, or ivory tones look best. Yellow and bright orange work great as well. For peach and earthy-toned skin, opt for green and red shades or metallic gold.

Medium skin with peach and pink undertones with light-colored eyes look great in soft pastels. Choose light blues, plum, or lavender. Fair skin looks great with blue or light pink undertones. Jewel-toned shades of ruby and sapphire are great for this skin tone.

Bright pastels work great too. You can choose white, black, blues, and greens. Silver and violets will work as well.

5. Consider Your Body Type

When shopping at different prom stores like prom dresses by jvn, keep your body shape in mind.

Apple. Apples carry their weight around their mid-section. Apple bodies have larger waists and slim legs. You can pick a dress with an embellished top or an empire waist. You can also do a full skirt or a-line.

Petite. Petite is under 5′ 3″. If you’re looking to appear taller, choose an asymmetrical hem dress. Avoid floor-length gowns since they can make you look shorter. You can also try pleating or vertical prints.

Pear. A pear shape is when your hips are larger than your bust. Find a dress that accentuates your waist and adds to your upper body. Strapless dresses with full skirts are great choices.

Busty. Busty is if you have narrow hips but a large bust. You can pick a dress that adds curves by choosing pleats or ruffles.

Hourglass. If your hips and bust are proportionate with a defined waistline then you’re considered an hourglass. Pick a dress that has a fitted top or crates a wrap effect.

6. Consider Your Face Shape

When picking out your dress, you’ll want to keep your face shape in mind. If you have a round face (as wide as it’s long), you’ll want a dress that elongates your face. For oval faces, choose empire necklines, Queen Anne, scoops, and V-necks.

Heart-shaped faces (prominent cheekbones, wide forehead, sharp, and oval chin), choose necklines that draw a horizontal line near the neck, high or wide necklines are best.

Oblong faces (longer faces), look for dresses that make your face look wider. Cowl necks and Sabrina are best. Square faces (square jawline, cheekbones, forehead, and jaw have the same width), you’ll want a vertical shape. Sweetheart, cowl-neck styles, and Sabrina. Avoid square necklines.

Triangle faces (narrow forehead, wide jawline), you’ll want necklines with a vertical shape so it can add curves to your face. Sweetheart necklines, cowl necks, scoop necks, and Sabrina necklines are great.

7. Shopping for the Dress

When you’re ready to shop for the dress, visit multiple stores or shop online. If you’re looking to save, you can check out a thrift store for something inexpensive and thrifty.

Make sure to try on several dresses and not just go with the first you try on because you could find a dress you like more after. If you shop online, make sure they’ll ship many for you to try on instead of just one that you wind up hating.

Be Comfortable

Make sure that the dress you wind up choosing is comfortable to move in so you can easily walk around or dance. When you put the dress on, try dancing or jumping up and down with it on. Be mindful of any itching or poking from the dress.

If there’s something you don’t like about the dress such as poking, ask the associate if anything can be done. Also, consider your date when picking out a dress to find out if they’ll match what you pick.

Picking out the Perfect Prom Dress

Picking out the perfect prom dress can seem overwhelming but it should be an exciting experience as well. Follow this guide for tips and tricks to pick out your dream prom dress.

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