No Heel, High Fashion: How to Wear Flats and Still Slay

Flat shoes are more than just comfortable foot wear. They are fashion statements. Find out here how to wear flats and still slay.

Every morning women have to make a choice when it comes to shoes: style or comfort?

In most cases, you can’t have both. But pain doesn’t have to mean beauty. Instead of forcing your precious feet into sky-scraper heels, why not wear comfy flats instead?

Wait for a second…can you wear flats and still look as stylish, sexy, and sophisticated as you do when you’re rocking stilettos? Yes, you definitely can. Read on to find out how to wear flats and slay girl!

How to Wear Flats—A Step by Step Guide

How to wear flat shoes? Just put them on, right? But while anyone can wear flats, not everyone can pull them off with style.  Also make sure you consider options like bunion sandals when you have additional challenges with your feet.

Follow this step by step guide to make sure your flats slay the day.

Size Matters

When you’re buying heels, gravity does a lot of work when it comes to sizing. But when you’re buying flat shoes, how should flats fit?

They shouldn’t look tight or oddly shaped on your feet. They should fit comfortably with enough space to poke your finger between the heel of your foot and the back of the shoe. If your feet are especially wide or narrow, you may need flats adapted to suit your specific needs.

When in doubt, it’s always best to get your feet measured at the store, as foot size can change with age. In fact, according to a study, 1 out of 3 people wear shoes that are at least one size off!

Types of Flats

Wearing flats instead of heels doesn’t mean you only have one option. There are several different types of flat shoes with different heights. Some flats are below the ankle, some are just above the ankle, and you can even get flat boots of all different heights.

Here are just a few of the many choices you have:

  • Sneakers and Converse
  • Loafers and mules
  • Pointy-toed
  • Sandals
  • Ankle straps
  • Ballet pumps
  • Peep-toe
  • Boots (ankle, calf-skimming, knee-high, thigh-high)

One of the hottest summer fashions right now in flats are espadrilles. Shop for women’s espadrille shoes to be on trend this season.

It’s true, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wearing flats. But how to wear flat shoes that complement your body type?

Wearing Flats for Body Types

While there are no set rules in wearing flats, you can wear them in a way that complements your body type.

For instance, if you have shapely legs, choose flats in a lighter color for a streamlined look. If you’re petite, pair pointy-toed flats with skinny jeans to elongate your legs. Or if you have an hourglass shape, flatter your figure by wearing flats with knee-length dresses.

What to Wear with Flats?

Whether you’re tall, small, curvy or slim, you can pull of wearing flats. But only if you pair them with the right outfit.

For example, pair flats that fall beneath the ankle with rolled up pants and mid-length skirts. Such as ballet pumps or Converse sneakers.

Any flats that are above the ankle look great with shorts and shorter skirts. Such as ankle strap sandals or ankle boots.

If in doubt, remember that skinny jeans work with pretty much all flats.

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

Yes, shoes say a lot about the wearer. And now you know how to wear flats with style, you can slay no matter how high your heels are.

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