Exercise Changes a Life Forever – Inspirational Stories

Need a little bit of motivation to exercise today? Not all of us are natural born gym rats. But even a small bit of physical activity on a Lifespan Fitness treadmill or a walk around the park can have life changing results. Physical activity helps our emotional and social lives.

Enjoy these true inspirational stories. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Runner Gets into Shape at Age 44

 Stephanie Laska, like many women, didn’t care much for exercise. In fact, Stephanie was the type that chose Froot Loops over kale…every time!

Until one day the scale hit 300 pounds and Stephanie knew she needed to change her life. She decided to check out fitness centers like Knox 24 hour gym.

Her first step was to cut out the sugar, desserts and alcohol from her life. She dropped over fifty pounds! But she needed to drop more. It was time to exercise.

“The details of [a workout schedule] stressed me out at first. When do you exercise? Who takes the kids to school? Who makes dinner?”

She started by taking short walks, then longer walks. Eventually she began to pick up her pace. Stephanie started running, all without her family knowing!

“I was keeping it a secret at this point and I remember taking my kids to the park one day. They were on the bikes and got far ahead of me, so I decided to run to catch up. The look on my daughter’s face when she saw me running was like she saw Santa Claus,” Stephanie says.

Soon she started training for marathons. Today she inspires thousands across the globe with her story of fitness and exercise.

Rock Climbing Cures Anxiety For Skater

“Jennifer” struggled with General Anxiety Disorder and depression throughout her life. While she enjoyed skating, it wasn’t until Jennifer discovered rock climbing that she was able to calm her anxiety.

“I picked up rock climbing…and I consider it to be my version of meditation,” explains Jennifer.

Focusing on conquering a difficult climb puts her anxiety at bay. Now she enjoys a more fulfilled life.

Soldier Mike Ergo Finds Hope in Running after PTSD

U.S. Marine Mike Ergo found himself drowning in a bottle when he returned from Iraq. The loss that he suffered affected his friendships and his relationship with his wife. After a long heart-to-heart with his wife Sara, Mike decided to start training for the Ironman and quit alcohol cold turkey.

He found comfort in the grueling training, which reminded him of life in the Marines, “I have a history in the Marine Corps of putting myself through discomfort, and finding satisfaction and purpose in that, as opposed to just looking for easy and comfortable.”

Since his return from Iraq, Mike has participated in half Ironmans, triathlons, and a full Ironman in Hawaii. The discipline and dedication he practices each day in training help him manage the everyday challenges in life.

“If you can have the discipline in whatever the workout routine is…then when that comes up in other avenues in life, you’re ready for it.”

College Student Runs to Fight Stress

Busy college student “Cary” had a heavy class load already when she was diagnosed with several debilitating physical and mental conditions. How was she going to manage school when she couldn’t focus or sleep?

“When I started exercising, I found I felt “normal” again.”

Running helped Cary gain control of her life. Whether she was exercising with an exercise ball or jogging, exercise gave Cary newfound purpose and clarity.

What is Your Inspiring Story?

Whether you struggle to get out of bed each day or just need a way to burn all the excess stress in your life, it’s time to get out and exercise.  You can see more tips on getting fit!