How To Pick Shoes To Match Your Suit

Wearing the right pair of shoes may be easy for many. However, if you’re wearing a suit, be careful not to destroy the suit’s intent by choosing the right shoes. Black shoes may go with all types of suits, but other shoe colors can sometimes best fit your suit.

Depending on the following, you should wear shoes as advised below: 

Suit Color

As mentioned, black shoes aren’t the only ones you can pair with every type of suit; it’s best not to always follow the saying that black goes with any suit because it’s neutral. Moreover, you can’t merely pair a colored shoe with any suit because it may not give a good look. 

To help you out, Bespoke Unit has many types of shoes you can choose from, and their complete guide will help you make better decisions. Also, you may follow these suggestions of what shoe color to use depending on the color of the suit:

1. Black Suit


When wearing a black suit, most people recommend wearing black shoes as well. That’s easy and simple. The question is, will brown shoes be okay with a black suit? 

It’s not recommended to wear tan or light brown shoes in a black suit. If you want to make your look interesting by wearing a black suit and other colored-shoes, try deep oxblood or dark brown shoes. Also, the dark burgundy color is versatile and straightforward for pairing up with any suit color, especially with a black suit.  

Depending on where you’re headed, you can also go for wingtip brogues as it makes the black suit less formal. Or you can also use a burgundy loafer to have a twist with your traditional black suit. You can also wear these pair of shoes for any occasion to show off hand-sewn moccasin construction and hand-antiques brush-off leather.

2. Navy Suit

Another type of suit that’s most versatile is the navy suit. Aside from formal black suits, navy suits are a perfect balance of casual and smart. 

If you want a stylish aesthetic with navy suits, you can pair it with suede or leather brogues. That’s because you can complement it with lighter tan to rich chocolate’s warm tones. 

You can also go for an eye-catching injection of color with burgundy shoes. That way, your shoes can create a characterful counterpart of the cool tones of the suit.  

Black shoes will always go with navy suits. The black shoes will make your navy suit look more sophisticated even with monk-strap, brogues, loafers, or oxfords shoes. 

3. Gray Suit

With charcoal gray suits, you may want to avoid pairing them with brown shoes as both don’t match well–the gray suit is quite stark, like the black suit, and brown shoes are less formal. 

Your best choice for this suit is a pair of black shoes or go with deep burgundy if you want to keep that classy overall look with a relaxed touch.  

If you want to pair brown shoes with your gray suit, choose a medium-gray suit. The lighter the tone, the easier it is to pair with patterns.

Suit For Every Occasion 

When it comes to attending an occasion or wearing a suit, the pair of shoes can help enhance the event’s theme. If there’s no strict dress code for the event, you can wear other shoe colors to go well with your suit. 

For formal business, stick with classic, clean-cut black shoes. You can also go with wingtip shoes or leather monk strap shoes. Pair it with suits in dark burgundy colors, brown, and black as bright colors may seem inappropriate.

If you’re wearing for business-casual occasions, slim dress boots and brown or tan suede loafers will be okay, especially if you’re wearing casual pants or planning to make your formal suit look more casual. To make it more formal, wear a tasseled loafer. 

However, the best choice for formal events is to wear black leather cap toes or closed-laced oxfords. That way, you can wear any suit color, especially for black-tie parties. 


Suits are part of every man’s wardrobe as you can wear them for all types of events. However, simple it may look, a suit will look better if you pair it with the right shoes. Depending on your suit’s color, the shoes should complement the overall appearance of your suit. Don’t mix and match because it may destroy the original intent of the suit.