Top Suits for Men 2021

Every man is guaranteed to have a suit in his wardrobe, there is no exception… except for one that really can’t find a reason to wear a suit. While a decent suit will make you feel worth a million dollars, there are equal chances of going totally flat and end up looking pretty awful. Which is why choosing the right ones for the right event is very important. Here are (number) top suits suiting common situations.

Wedding: Formal Suit

Formality should be first when choosing your suit for a wedding. And if you want to stand out of the bunch, then the colour schemes are the way to go. A plain mid-grey goes well with anything. Navy is versatile and flattens all complexions. With sunny weather weddings giving out casual styles, you might want to choose better fabrics in such terms. Linens and cotton will work best. Avoid wool… or you’re asking to be roasted at the party!

Summer Chic: Linen / Cotton Suits

A linen suit is not only for beach wedding parties. It is a must-have for warm weather. Lightweight and quite loose, they won’t be bulky to handle and specially offer good contrast with the heat. Well, even Chris Hemsworth showed us that you can wear a linen suit for a formal day look with a pair of sandals and open linen shirt. It is all about looking smart, chic and crisp, all day long… during a hot, sunny summer day!

Semi Classic: Lounge Suit

Lounge suit was the less formal version of morning dress or morning suit. Now it has changed! The waistcoat rather disappeared after the Second World War and left the two-piece lounge suit. If you are hearing this for the first time, then it is simply that cocktail attire that is just a coat away from being the evening wear. Versatile, flexible and not too little or too much. Most suits you see in an office are lounge suits. So, now that you know which ones we are referring to, you can get yourself for that upcoming cocktail party!  Be sure to check out great options like as well.

High-Class and Elite Black Tie: Tuxedoes

The penguin suit for some! This one is for elite events! The traditional ones come with a single-breasted jacket with jetted pockets. There’s a shawl collar and often come in silk, satin or grosgrain fabrics. But with time, tuxedoes are fining her way in more casual events as well. But as this takes time to properly gets its place in common events, you might want to keep it for the most important ones… just to avoid being too overdressed for the show!

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Choose your suit wisely for your next event!