What to Wear to a Sales Job Interview

Hunting for a job in sales is already hard enough as it is. You need to make sure that your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile, are all in tip-top shape. But the companies you want to work for won’t only be taking a look at what’s on paper – they’ll also be closely observing you, from how you present yourself, the way you speak, to what you decided to wear to the job interview.

A number of companies will work with a sales headhunter for the most effective results when it comes to finding someone new for their sales team. So if you’ve made it to the interview, it’s because you’ve been carefully selected and are seen as the best fit for the employer.

With this in mind, feel confident that you look good on paper and focus instead on how you want to physically present yourself at the interview. Because the reality is that first impressions often matter more than how well-suited you actually are for the job.

Always Dress Up

Though it’s recommended that you try to match the dress code of the company you are applying to, it’s not always easy to find that out. You could try to scope the place out beforehand, but it’s always best to play it safe and dress to impress.

For women, a classic black blazer over a feminine blouse with high-waist black trousers is always a safe bet. Pair it with modest black heels and you have yourself the perfect interview look. When it comes to jewellery, keep it low-key with nothing too flashy. Allow yourself some pop of colour with your purse but make sure it isn’t too obnoxious.

If you choose to wear a dress, ensure that the neck and hem line are work appropriate; i.e. hem line at the knee and neck line should not show any cleavage. This applies to blouses and skirts as well.

For men, a suit with a white dress shirt is always a tried and true look. Stick with modest colours like navy blue and grey – pair with dress shoes that are well kept (brown and black are the most common choices). Your tie is where you can get a bit creative but don’t go overboard.

Tidiness and Cleanliness Count

Even if you don’t have the nicest or most fashionable clothes, it will really go a long way if what you wear is properly ironed and cleaned. This also includes how you present yourself: take care of your personal hygiene and comb or style your hair so that it’s tidy.

Hiring managers can understand that not everyone has the money to afford the best-looking clothes, but will definitely appreciate that you look well put-together, clean, and professional. It says a lot about you and makes you more approachable when you look the part, especially when it comes to working in sales.

So the next time you have a sales interview coming up, consider carefully how you will look to the people interviewing you. Do your clothes need ironing or hemming? Make sure you prepare in advance so that you aren’t caught without something to wear.