Want to Try Something New? Check out these Cool lip Piercing Ideas

Fresh and appealing fashion trends are popping-out every season and also gain a massive positive response from all age brackets. Each person has his/her taste and view about fashion, some love it simple and classy, whereas, some love funky and flashy. Although your fashion choice reflects your persona, it only works effectively, when you choose the right style and carry it with full confidence and grace.

Today, let’s talk about piercing trends. Body piercing is an art of creating an opening in the body part to wear beautiful jewellery pieces like rings and studs. Additionally, piercing is not limited to nose and ears, but nowadays, people love to concoct lip piercing, navel piercing, tongue piercing, nipple piercing, etc. Among all type of piercings, people immensely adore Lip piercing. It unarguably gives you a sassy look. You can wear an elegant or trendy jewel piece to enhance your pierced look.

Lip piercing has many types which give you the freedom to pick the type which upgrades your style quotient.

If you are a piercing enthusiast, then you must know how the right piercing choice changes your overall personality and look. And from the fashionable lip piercing jewelry to navel jewelry, all you can explore and order online from popular stores or brands.

Below we jotted down a few amazing and trendy lip piercing ideas. Have a look:

Labret piercing: Most popular

Labret piercing is done below the lower lip and just above the chin. This piercing is so popular that the jewel pieces like lip studs are commonly known as labret studs. You can adorn this piercing with hoops, circular barbells, and studs.

Spider bites piercing: For a trendsetter look

This type of lip piercing is on the corner of the lower lip. Also known as viper bites piercing, it comprises of two separate piercings which are close together on one side of the lower lip and look like a spider bite. Initially wear studs as they are easy to handle and later you can go for lip rings and barbells as per your choice.

Snake bites piercing: For an edgy style

Snake bites piercing is composed of two punctures, one on the left and other on the right of the lower lip, equidistant from the lip centre. The most popular and fit jewellery for this piercing is labret studs as they match the look of an actual snake bite.

Jestrum piercing: Unique look

Jestrum piercing has visible entry and exit points. The entry point is in the philtrum, and the exit point is through the upper lip. This type gives you an aesthetic and unique look. Curved barbells are the perfect pick for accentuating this double pierced look.

Vertical labret piercing: Break the traditional frame

It is a great alternative to the regular lip piercings. It has the double perforation of the lower lip, which has entry (below the lower lip) and exit (at the top of the lower lip). Both points are visible like in jestrum piercing. For this lip piercing curved barbells are ideal, but for a more trendy look, pick one with pearls or Baltic amber balls.

Good luck!