Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Piercing

You have been fantasizing about getting a piercing on your body. Gradually, you have been wondering how best you should go about it to get the perfect piercing. Whether on the ear, nose, tongue, lip, or even the navel, a piercing is worth looking at, mostly when done correctly.

Healing is Not Immediate

You may assume that all it takes is a quick piercing to your nostril, and you will heal in no time. One thing you should always remember is that you should plan for your healing journey. It is also essential to manage your expectations as the healing may extend for a longer duration than you had planned.

The timing will vary depending on the site you get a piercing. For instance, while it may take you three months to completely heal your earlobe piercing, it may extend for longer when you have a belly button piercing, which may go up to nine months. Mental preparation, therefore, is advisable.

Jewelry Matters

When you think of getting a piercing, the jewelry type is not a constant factor for all kinds of piercings.  Assuming is not the right call. You will have a piece of specific piercing jewelry as with the expert review on depending on the particular spot in your body. Additionally, the size, color, and even the composition of the jewelry will matter too. Furthermore, the type of metal you will choose is also vital. It is also essential to remember that no metal will ever get stuck in your piercing site, especially when you follow the right aftercare tips. When choosing the jewelry, select one that complements your skin tone. Additionally, if you also find out if you have allergic reactions to metal contact on your skin. If you do, it is advisable to choose hypoallergenic metals that won’t cause an infection flare-up.

Aftercare Tips Come in Handy

Before getting a piercing, it is essential to understand the aftercare tips you should implement to heal appropriately. For instance, you should keep the piercing site clean at all times and always ensure you use clean hands when touching the area. The healing time will vary from one piercing area to another. Therefore, you should ensure you are up to the task on the aftercare tips. Most importantly, it is advisable to follow your professional piercer’s advice.

Research is Key

Before heading out to the piercing shop to get the process done, it is essential to carry out extensive research on the piercing you want. You can read online different reviews regarding the procedure, which will help you prepare mentally. Furthermore, it will also give you possible scenarios of what you should expect.

Find Out the Piercing You Want

Piercing, just like tattooing, is an art form that takes different shapes. You mean opt to have piercings as a way of complimenting your different thoughts on adornment. Nevertheless, we should also consider the type of environment you are in at the moment. For instance, you may be in a workplace against other piercings on the face apart from on the earlobe.

Get the Right Person

The outcome of your piercing will depend on the quality of equipment and the sanitization standards during the procedure. If you want your piercing to heal quickly without complications, it is best advisable to have a professionally trained piercer do it. They have the skills and expertise in handling different piercings. The equipment for the piercing should also have top sterilization and sanitization techniques. They may vary from needles, piercing guns, and even hand pressured piercing equipment.

Infection May Occur

Even when your piercer upholds top-notch sterilization techniques when getting the piercing, you may develop an infection when you go home. The infection may result from a lack of proper care when healing. If you touch the piercing sites with dirty hands, you increase the risk of developing an infection. Should you acquire an infection, it is advisable to know the common signs and symptoms you might experience, which will guide you on the best step to take.

When you have an infection, you may experience extreme soreness and redness around the site. Additionally, you may also have a burning sensation with the area becoming hot. Inflammation is also a common symptom you may experience. You should uphold the highest cleaning standards and use quality jewelry that leaves enough breathing space on the sites in such an instance.

Additionally, it would be best to remember that you will experience some pain during the piercing. However, the pain will last for a few seconds and will often manifest as a tingling sensation. The pain gradually goes away as the piercing heals. After healing, you can be sure you can flaunt the piercing, thanks to high-quality jewelry.