Getting Vancouver Custom Suits and Bespoke Suits for Men and Women

If you are here, then allow us to congratulate you for choosing to get a bespoke suit rather than getting one off the rack. If you are still having doubts about your decision, then allow us to solidify it with this fact.

According to this article, leg length discrepancy is a condition that causes a noticeable difference in the length of people’s lower limbs. A garment off the rack will typically never take this into account and would often make suits that will not fit the way some persons are built.

Therefore, getting custom suits is the best idea for anyone. However, not knowing how to go about the whole suit-buying business can lead to regrets. Hence, this article will serve as a buying guide for anyone (male and female) who wants to buy a bespoke suit. Below are some of the tips to always consider.

1. Start from the Basics

Consider your first visit to the bespoke store as the first step you take in creating a new wardrobe. So, you would want to start with the basics and then work your way up.

Versatile basics should be your go-to for now, and then you can build up to other seasonal fabrics that have more personality. Also, you should not base your choice on what you already own as this would be a mistake. Trust us, you would not want to go back to off-the-rack clothes once you go custom. However, if you have something specific in mind, then do not hesitate to take a picture along.

Your expectations should be realistic. Sure, getting custom suits in Vancouver would make you look dapper, but you would still look like you when you wear them.

2. Fabrics Are Super Important

Suits can be made in a thousand and one ways, but the finished product will just be as great as the raw material is. Meaning, if you get a bad fabric, regardless of how well the garment was made, you will surely get a substandard suit.

Hence, selecting your fabric is the biggest choice you must make. The fabric you choose will not just determine your suit’s texture and look, but it would also determine its durability and performance over time.

Fabrics that have synthetic blends are a no-no. Rather, be on the lookout for 100 percent worsted wool that is from a reputable mill.

3. Consider How the Suit is Made Rather Than Where

The attention and quality that were given to detail often vary from one store to the other. Some persons may rely on where the garment was made, without paying mind to the procedure taken to sew it. That the garment is made in a particular place that is not known for cloth making does not mean it would be bad. Similarly, that it is from a well-known store does not mean its workmanship would be superb.

Therefore, find out who would make your garment and know whether this person will be diligent and careful with the tailoring process.

4. Know the Store’s “House Cut”

As we have said, suits can be made in several ways and most stores have their opinion on the best method a suit should be made.

For instance, one store may choose to add a large allowance, a low gorge line, thicker shoulder pads, heavier cloth, and so on (this is typically the British suit style). While some may choose smaller allowance, a high gorge, softer and lighter shoulder pads, and so on (this is the Italian suit style). You can watch this video to learn more about the difference between these two iconic styles.

The cutting styles would also vary from one store (even tailors in the same store) to the other. Therefore, you must know and understand the strategy and style of the store you want to patronize. This would help you decide whether they can help you achieve your desired fit.

Know the Store’s “House Cut”

5. Avoid Trends

What is trending now may very well be outdated in a couple of years to come. We believe your new garment would be a sort of investment and you would want to still rock it 5-10 years down the line. If this is the case, then you must avoid trends as much as you can. Stick to classics that would always be in style.


We believe this article has provided you with enough information for you to walk into that bespoke suit store and get that much-deserved fit.