5 Best First Date Tips

Dating can be hard. For some, the challenging part is overcoming shyness. For others, it’s coping with the fear of the unknown. However, whether you are an experienced person or a dating novice, some things never change – especially when it comes to the first date.

First date is crucial, as it determines whether the relationship is worth pursuing, or not really. That’s exactly why we are here – in this article, we will present to you some helpful tips, to make sure that everything goes like you want it to.

Prepare for Awkwardness

As you can imagine, not everything on a date will go smoothly. Maybe the woman you’re dating won’t stop talking about her ex-boyfriend? Perhaps the guy you just met fifteen minutes ago has been explaining what is negging for way too long?

Nevermind how much you prepared for your date, accept this: you never know what might happen. And it’s a beautiful thing! Each and every one of us is different. That is what makes us human.

Set Some Boundaries

Getting to know each other is good. It’s the first step in becoming a couple. However, don’t let the other person stick their nose in everything you do. We all deserve our privacy and space for ourselves.

When they start dating, many people make the mistake of agreeing to everything the other person suggests. It’s natural — we don’t want to scare them away. However, this can become a big problem when the requests start becoming more and more intrusive.

If you have a problem with setting boundaries, talk to your significant other about their actions. It’s always good to be flexible, but sometimes it is fair to say no. If the person you’re dating doesn’t understand this, then maybe you’ll be better off without them in your life.

Be Sincere

This might be the most important piece of advice you will read in this article. Never lie on your dates! Actually, never lie, period. Lying is a great way of getting yourself in trouble since no lie is so good that it will never see the light of the day.

Of course, there are great reasons to lie:

  • We don’t like our job.
  • We don’t share the same interests as the other person.
  • We can’t do any cool Jojo tricks that could amaze the crowds.

Sometimes our lives seem boring to us, so we try to lie about them. This is a big mistake.

We can change who we are, but not with lies. We can do it by actions. Instead of lying, how about sharing your ideas about what you would want to learn and what you like doing in your free time? This way, you can show them that you are a thoughtful person full of plans for the future.

Check Their Priorities

Every new acquaintance is worthwhile. However, when you’re meeting another person, it’s nice to see where their priorities lie. After all, it sucks when after three months of dating, you’re suddenly struck with the information that sex was all the other party was looking for in your relationship.

Remember that it’s normal to ask people you’re dating what their expectations are. Not everyone wants the same from a relationship. For some, getting into a relationship is more of a commitment than for others. That’s fine. What matters is that you know who you’re dealing with.

Be Flexible

As mentioned previously, some boundaries are needed. However, what is even more critical is for you to be open and flexible. Don’t try to force your way in every time. Give yourself and the other person some breathing room.

Let them take a stand. Don’t just talk non-stop without catching a break. Let your date speak its mind freely. It will be beneficial for both of you as you might get some vital information and get to know each other better. Taking all the possible moments to talk is rarely a good idea.

Remember that silence is also a very valid option. Don’t be like a helicopter parent always hovering above their child. Let the other person make a case for themselves. We’re all grown-ups here. For sure, they have something interesting to say!

The Bottom Line

Dating isn’t simple — that much is obvious. Finding a person with whom you will share even a minor part of your life can get challenging. However, don’t give up easily. Now, if you feel confident that your first date went well then don’t lose any time and get ready for your second date ASAP. Read these good second date questions that will help you go through your next date smoothly.

With over 7 billion people on Earth, you’re bound to find someone special for yourself. So when you’re getting ready for another date, always keep in mind that you can still find someone for you no matter how this night will end. Just be yourself, remember these dating tips, and everything will be fine. Good luck!