Achievable Relationship Goals All Couples Should Strive For

Although being in love is great, it is not always only hugs and kisses. There can be some struggles, which eventually may even lead to a breakup. Constant arguments, jealousy, lies, grudges, and many others may ruin your relationship in a blink of an eye. That is why it is important to establish achievable goals, which will become your guide to a healthy, long-lasting, and strong bond. Here are 7 betterme relationship goals, which may help you with that:

7 Relationship goals all couples should strive for:

1. Don’t be obsessed with your partner, and spend some time with yourself

Being head over heels in love sometimes makes one forget that their loved one is a separate person, with their own life, friends, family and interests. Being always together may not only push your friends away but will eventually make you tired of each other, which can harm both of you in case of a breakup. That’s why, no matter how attached you are, there still must be some time that you spend separately.

2. Don’t lie

The key to a lot of relationship goals is trust, and trust comes from frankness and fidelity. If you want your bond to last, avoid deceiving each other. Even a small lie can inflate into something bigger. Do not make excuses, be clear and straightforward about your thoughts, wishes and reasons for actions.

3. Communicate

Communication is one of the bases of any relationship. That is why it is necessary for couples to always communicate, share their thoughts and feelings. It can be just a simple text, but even that will be a sign of interest and care for your significant other.

4. Always consider each other’s feelings

It is important to not only hear but listen to each other. As essential as communication, the ability to always consider your partner’s feelings may save any relationship. Before saying or doing anything, think about how it may affect your loved one. Let go of stubbornness and pride and always seek compromise.

5. Have fun and try new things together

Keeping things exciting and fresh can help you make your relationship more dynamic and interesting. Discovering and experiencing new things together will bond you even more and help create a lot of happy memories. You can try traveling, testing out new foods, signing up for new activities or even something as simple as watching a movie and sparking a discussion afterwards could spark the flame you once had anew.


6. Develop and grow together

During life, every person grows and develops, physically, spiritually and mentally. If you are in a long-term relationship, you should understand how important being on the same page with your partner is. Keeping a balance and putting in effort is crucial for a couple that doesn’t want to simply drift apart.

7. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice something

It may sound a bit too much, but in reality, it is much simpler. Sacrifice may mean your time, small wishes, or even some insignificant principles, in order to support your relationship. However, if it requires something drastic, like your family ties or communication with friends or a job, then maybe it is time to reevaluate the significance of your relationship.


All people are different, and so are relationships between them. However, there are certain things that may ruin any couple, as well as those that may consolidate and invigorate them. The above-listed relationship goals will help you bond by making you and your partner sincere, honest, caring and supportive. However, if there are too many problems and it causes only negative emotions and harm, perhaps, you should consider ending it, for the sake of both you and your partner.