What to Wear on the First Date

The favorable outcome of the first date depends on many factors, including how your appearance impressed a man. What to wear on the first date to look great?

First off, you need to identify the purpose of your date. If for you, it is to seduce a man, then there is not even the slightest restriction at all – you can wear whatever you want. But if it seems to you that you are at the threshold of great love, then you have to work hard to create your own image.

Let’s start with what needs to be excluded. Of course, these are excessively sexy and frankly vulgar things since a man should communicate with you but not stare at the low cleavage all the time. So, the first rule when choosing what to put on for the first date is moderation. Even in case you have something to brag about, this is not the right time to make a great display of it.

You need to consider the line between “you can do it” and “you should not do it yet” and keep the balance. So, say downright no to miniskirts and low cleavages, and the combination of all this in one outfit is an absolute taboo. Judge for yourself, as your man hardly thought about meeting a woman of easy virtue, and wearing such clothes, you will look exactly like that. The same can be said about open-work stockings. Save them for the future. They will certainly come in handy – at home, of course.

What image a lady should create on the first date? A feminine one! If you choose a dress or skirt, their length should be closer to the knees. There is no need to put on too frilly outfits, as they would be appropriate only in a theater or restaurant. In a park or café, a cocktail dress will look not in the most advantageous way, to put it mildly. So, before considering your look, find out what plans your man has for the forthcoming date, and only then give preference to any outfit. And so, the second rule can be formulated – it is the relevance of the clothes. If you remember it, you will never appear in a fur vest in the heat just because it is very beautiful. Of course, this is an exaggerated example, but women guided by this principle are not so uncommon.   To see some really good examples of the first date outfit, visit https://uabrides.com.

When choosing an outfit for a date, give preference to the clothes of inconspicuous colors, as they ideally emphasize the femininity and tenderness of your image. However, do not make every effort to look perfect, as you should be yourself. So, put on those things that you wear usually because it is in such clothes that you feel very comfortable, which means you will have less reason to worry about. New, untested outfits should be set aside for another occasion since you cannot predict how things will behave when you wear them. There are cases when clothes start rubbing or fitting too tightly.

Pay particular attention to the compatibility of things. You should check that all the clothes and shoes are chosen in the same style. Also, you should not dress up in baggy T-shirts with inscriptions like “Metallica,” “AC/DC,” and the like. The sole exception is the planned trip to the rock party where you will not differentiate yourself from others. In the other case, put such things away, giving preference to more restrained options. No matter how women suffer while thinking about clothes for the first date, opinion polls suggest that men prefer the most common skirt and blouse/T-shirt.


The main thing when choosing footwear for the first date is not even its relevance in the image; the main thing is that it should be practical and comfortable. As a rule, most first dates either end with a stroll or consist of it, so you need to be ready to walk for a long time. Therefore, do not put on new shoes. As there is no guarantee that, wearing such footwear, you will not get calluses in the first five minutes. Moreover, plastering the leg in front of an unfamiliar person is not very aesthetic.

The same rule applies to the height of the heels. Choose shoes according to the situation since high heels will look impressive in a restaurant or club but will be completely inappropriate to walk in the park.


With the help of accessories, it is possible to complete every image. However, losing a sense of moderation, you can transform from a fashionable beauty into a Christmas tree. Thus, if you have already determined what to put on for the first date, try to supplement your image with a restrained number of accessories, putting away the most luxurious jewelry, a dozen chains, and large earrings – all this is superfluous. Firstly, the guy might think that you are “too expensive” for him, and secondly, it’s just tasteless. To look great, it is enough to put on a chain with a pendant, neat earrings, and a ring. Then your look will be modest and elegant at the same time, and this is exactly what men value.