How To Dress For A Fun Night Out

When was the last time you dressed up for a fun night out with your friends or your significant other? Whether it’s a poolside party in the evening, a fun escape night in Vegas or an evening at a fine restaurant, knowing what is the right dress code will save you from a lot of trouble.

For instance, some Vegas casinos or fancy restaurants in town might prevent you from getting in because you are not wearing what they consider to be the suitable dress code for their venue. Why risk having something like this ruin your evening? No matter if you want to dress to impress or just to have a quiet night out and not feel underdressed, this article should come in handy.

If after reading this, you will find the dress code too restrictive or simply not worth the trouble, the alternative provided by online casinos means wearing your favorite sweatpants and baggy t-shirts and enjoying free games or play for real money on sites like whenever you feel like it.

It’s really up to you and your personal preference, but for those particular nights when you would like to go out and play roulette with a real croupier sitting in front of you, here is what you could wear.

Choose Comfortable Clothes That Match Your Personality

Who says you cannot look stylish or classy while wearing clothes that actually fit your personality and body type and do not make you feel uncomfortable? How does a long, elegant, silky dress and a pair of high heels sound to you right now?

What about some metallic pants or a classic shirt and a pair of jeans paired with colored shoes and matching accessories? It is not only important to find the right outfit that speaks to you, but also one that you will feel comfortable wearing for hours in a row while dancing, going bowling or rock climbing, pushing slot levers at the casino or whatever else you might have in mind for your night out.  You can even check out options like this sexy bodycon dress

You could wear a strapless lace top and some a metallic skirt and match it with the right pair of high heels for a night out at the club or your favorite pub in town, with the girls. Throw a dark-colored blazer over a turtleneck and tuck it in a midi skirt, either in complementary or matching colors.

It would make for a great outfit for a night spent on a rooftop terrace overlooking the bright city lights. Want something more daring? How about an animal print clutch and a huge statement necklace paired with a tuxedo pantsuit and a small bow-tie or an oversized shirt of your favorite color and a high waist midi skirt?

A night spent at the casino usually asks for a chic or elegant dress that will easily pass the dress code and turn some heads around.

However, in recent years, most of these casinos have significantly relaxed their requirements. Most have become a lot more casual and the best thing to do is to look at their website or social media pages and see if you can find the right information regarding their current dress code so you can know just what to expect.

Choose Comfortable Clothes That Match Your Personality

Casino Night Out Dress Code

As previously stated, make sure that you check the casino’s website before choosing your outfit so you can know exactly what will be expected from you.

Keep in mind some casinos will require extremely formal attire while others will be more permissive. Here are a few standard guidelines that should help you no matter what kind of a casino you may be visiting.

Pay Attention To The Shoe Wear

While you might be on vacation in Vegas and you would like to spend a relaxed weekend tanning by the pool during the day and spending your money at the roulette table at night, pay attention to the shoes you wear when out partying.

You might be tempted to wear your most comfortable pair of flip flops or sneakers, but we strongly suggest you leave those for your day at the pool. Very few if any casinos will allow you to enter the premises wearing this kind of shoes. The same goes for clubs and fancy restaurants.

Make sure you never wear any dirty, wrinkled or torn pieces of clothing, even though you might be hitting the poker tables at daytime when most of these venues will allow a more casual attire.

As soon as the sun will set, you should steer clear wearing t-shirts and shorts. Instead, an elegant top or a blouse for the ladies and a collard shirt for men should usually suffice.