6 Acceptable Jewelry For A Man

In the past decades, jewelry has only been worn by women as a status symbol and to feel more confident and beautiful. But as the years have passed, men are starting to wear jewelry as well. Today, more and more men are fascinated by how jewelry can improve their style and outfit.

But are all types of jewelry acceptable for a man to wear? Are there limitations or rules when it comes to men wearing jewelry? For some, there are no rules or limitations in expressing yourself through accessorizing with jewelry. Still, for most, there is acceptable jewelry that a man can wear, and here are six  of them.


Although considered as jewelry, watches have been a man’s accessories for centuries. It started as a pocket watch in the 19th century and evolved overtime to a wristwatch. A wristwatch is a piece of safe jewelry for men as it was already common for a man to have a watch with them under any circumstances.

There are various types of wristwatch a man can choose, from a sporty type to a formal type of watch. It doesn’t matter if you are attending a formal ball or want to go to the gym. Some watches fit your activity. There are even watches made for divers that can withstand tremendous pressure underwater.


Wedding Ring

Another safe jewelry a man can wear is a wedding ring, at least for married men. Wedding rings have been primary jewelry for men. However, anyone can also wear a ring as an accessory, whether it is a wedding band or an ordinary ring.

You can experiment a little bit and use ordinary rings. You do not need to be married to wear a ring as an accessory. You can wear one anytime, please. There are so many masculine rings available that you can choose from. One of these is the signet ring. It does not only fit a man, but it also tells a story.


A necklace is the third piece of jewelry acceptable for a man to wear. In the military, they provide dog tags to military men to wear it proudly on their necks. Aside from dog tags, you can also wear a necklace.

The best necklace for men is the chain necklace. We can see celebrities, singers, especially rappers wearing thick chain necklaces. However, you can opt for the thickness that you feel best fit your personality.

You can opt for a gold necklace, or silver, or even bronze depending on your taste. The most recommended among the three is gold as it can be more attractive and presents as a status symbol. As we all know, gold is the most expensive of the three, but nowadays, you can get a gold chain for the lowest possible price.

jewelry cufflinks man


Cufflinks have been a staple on a man’s outfit during formal occasions that requires you to wear a black tie. But who says you can not wear them on your suit and tie during working days? You can use cufflinks to make your every suit look a little bit extra.

You can experiment with any cufflinks designs, from simple and elegant to fun and exciting designs. It is just a small piece of jewelry that the majority of people won’t even notice. So don’t be afraid to choose that cufflink skull or that tiny car to put on your suit.

jewelry man tie pin

Tie Pin

Some might not agree to call a tie pin jewelry, but somehow, it is. You can add flavor to that boring necktie you get last kris kringle by adding a tiny tie pin. There are so many designs and colors you can choose to make your everyday outfit more exciting.

jewelry man earrings


In this era, most men have ear piercing. It has been a fashion sense for men across the United States and other countries as well. It has been over 30 years since men’s earrings have become popular with men.

The new generation of men used earrings to accessorize their looks, and most of the people nowadays have accepted this trend. Before, it was stereotyped that men with ear-piercing on both ears signal homosexuality, and men with piercing in one ear signals rebellion.

There is so much jewelry available for men. All jewelry can be worn by men as long as they follow certain guides in picking the right design and type that shows their masculinity and style.


As we all know, clothing has a double standard, and so do jewelry. However, this stereotype slowly fades for the new and upcoming generation and will become a thing of the past. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and you feel good about yourself because of what you are wearing with jewelry or no jewelry.