Turquoise Stone Meaning and Use in Feng Shui or Jewelry

Turquoise is a gorgeous mineral that various cultures have prized for thousands of years. It’s a rare mineral that can be quite valuable as a gemstone or ornamental stone, depending on its grade.

But Native Americans, Egyptians, and Persians didn’t seek after turquoise because of its value. In ancient times, turquoise stone meanings were all the rage. The stone wasn’t available in various fine grades we have today. People used it as an ornament or wore it as jewelry because of its healing energy and many other unique characteristics.

Read on to find out what makes this stone special and how it’s used in Feng Shui and jewelry.

Turquoise Stone Meaning

The Turquoise stone is connected to the water element, an element that sustains life. That’s why turquoise is believed to have healing energy and bring the power of rebirth, regeneration, and growth.

It can help the body detoxify and strengthen its immune system. It can help maintain a healthy balance throughout your entire body, especially since it can be a powerful aid in nutrient absorption.

Because the water element is pure, turquoise is also known as a purification stone. It can protect you from negative energy, improve your mood, and promote happiness and joy.

Its uplifting and calming properties can help reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue, bringing peace into your life and helping you find your inner calm.

The Turquoise stone is a symbol of friendship, wisdom, good fortune, hope, and tranquility. Being associated with enduring love, it can also keep the spark alive in a romantic relationship. It is believed that it can improve any relationship, whether it’s between friends, family members, or romantic partners.

And that’s all because of its heavenly, pure energy that dispels negativity and promotes peace.

Turquoise also promotes positive thinking and self-realization but can also assist with problem-solving.

When you consider all of these different meanings, it becomes crystal-clear why some of the oldest civilizations had prized this stone and why many people still do it today.

Turquoise Stone Characteristics in Feng Shui

As turquoise represents the water element, feng shui practitioners commonly use it to promote better health and well-being. When appropriately placed in all the right spots, the stone can lift your spirits, provide you with the utmost serenity, improve communication, and boost your health.

If you place it in strategic locations in your home, following the feng shui practices, turquoise can also help you attract wealth.

For centuries, people have believed that turquoise brings good luck as well. That’s why it is one of the most important colors in feng shui that can optimize your home’s positive energy.

How to Create Good Feng Shui with Turquoise

When looking to refresh your home with feng shui, it’s essential to use a feng shui Bagua map. It’s an energy map that can help you turn your home into a zen space of balance and harmony.

One Bagua, or area, where you can place turquoise stones or ornaments, is the east area. That way, you can promote health and well-being, inspire creativity (especially in your kids’ rooms), and strengthen love and marriage.

Suppose you’re looking to attract wealth, place turquoise in the southeast area of your home. As it can help with your career and life path, you can also place it in your office.

To make the most of this stone’s uplifting and calming energy, put a few pieces of it in your living room as well.

Turquoise stones are excellent for the bedroom, especially if you and your partner are going through a rough patch. Place a few polished stones in the room, and combine them with lapis lazuli to magnify its energy. Lapis lazuli is also an ideal feng shui promoter of wealth, well-being, and protective energies.

Make sure the turquoise stones you put in your love area are heart-shaped. As for all the other areas, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and symbols, depending on the energy you want to attract.

Make sure you don’t place any of your turquoise stones or ornaments in direct sunlight to avoid affecting their energy negatively.

Spruce up Your Jewelry with Turquoise

You don’t have to feng shui your home with turquoise to experience the stone’s numerous benefits, although you should give it a go. You can simply wear turquoise jewelry and benefit from its healing energy.

You can choose from a wealth of turquoise jewelry with all kinds of gemstones, available in different cuts, patterns, and blue and green colors. Do a bit of research to find pieces that empower you and enhance your life and look stunning and complement your every outfit.

Final Thoughts

Turquoise can be more than just a beautiful addition to your home’s interior design or jewelry collection. Use it to find inner peace, bring harmony to your home, and nudge yourself towards better health and well-being.