Kind Of Jewelry To Wear With A Red Dress

A red dress is a bold choice that makes the wearer stand out uniquely and seductively. The color red is often associated with passion and power, so the jewelry should complement that look.

When choosing the jewelry to go with a red dress, it is important to ensure that the jewelry you choose does not take away the effect of the dress.

Here are some ideas of the best kind of jewelry to wear with a red dress.

Pieces that Include Red Stones

If you want to have a monochrome look, you can pick jewelry with rubies or red gemstones. If you go with this look, be sure to pick minimal jewelry pieces. A silver or gold chain with a ruby and a small ring will do.

To match the silver or gold of the chain, you can pick a watch of the same material. A small wristwatch or a bracelet will do. For deeper shades of red, it is advisable to go with gold as this complements the color perfectly. Keep in mind that the neckline of the dress also determines how far the necklace should go.

For a lower neckline, a long pendant with red stone is recommended. For shorter necklines, a smaller chain is best, or you can choose a choker necklace that is gold or silver with a red stone.

Yellow Gold Pieces

These can be in different sizes depending on the style of the dress. A yellow gold bracelet is a good addition if the dress has short sleeves or is sleeveless. The bracelet should not be chunky, a small-sized one will do just fine.

You can match the bracelet with a small yellow gold chain. If the chain has a unique signature to it this will be much better and will complement the dress perfectly. You can choose a love knot chain or a golden choker.

You can also wear a choker that has smaller chains dangling in the same yellow-gold shade and earrings that match. Make sure you do not choose earrings that are too busy such that they take the attention away from the rest of the jewelry.


There is a reason they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend because they match with the most elegant looks. The red dress is no different. If you want to achieve a look of elegance and sophistication, you can choose diamonds to go with the dress. Diamond earrings are perfect, paired with a diamond ring and necklace. If you cannot get the real thing, some replicas look identical to diamonds and will also bring out the same effect.


Image of Mikimoto Pearls from Windsor Fine Jewelers

Pearls are neutral so they can go with pretty much anything. A white pearl necklace with small pearl earrings will make the dress stand out and also give you an elegant look. You can also opt for a pearl bracelet instead of a necklace and match it with pearl earrings.

Blue gemstones are also a good look to incorporate in a red dress. A silver necklace with a blue stone achieves a distinguished look.