How to Clean Your Epilators

Knowing how to properly clean your epilator will keep it epilating better for longer.

If you use epilators to get rid of body hair or are in the market for a new one, it will do you good to know how to properly clean the device. This will help maintain the epilator’s functionality and also make sure that your skin remains as clean and healthy as possible. While most manufacturers do give out instructions on how to properly clean that particular brand and model of epilator, very often they are not as detailed as you would like them to be. It is however not that difficult to know how to clean an epilator. The guide provided here will help you clean your epilator in the best way possible.

Take Apart Your Epilator

The first and the most obvious and important part of cleaning your epilator, is making sure that it is unplugged and turned off. You do not want to clean it while it is running or is plugged in. So get that out of the way first. DO NOT, under any circumstances, attempt to clean it while it is turned on or plugged in.

The next thing to do now is to take it apart. All the caps and extra attachments that it has out to be removed. This is done so as to be able to clean all the surfaces of the epilator. Once you open all the caps and attachments, the first thing you will realize is just how much hair your epilator removes. It is quite honestly astounding when you see the amount of hair that is stuck in the tweezer and also the hair that is stuck in the attachments. You will find this especially true if you have used your epilator in the shower. Hair during showering becomes much more tacky.

Remove the hair with a brush

A hair removal unit, will generally have a lot of hair inside it. As we discussed above, the amount of hair that might be in the epilator could honestly be shocking. When cleaning it, you should try to locate the small brush that comes in the packaging of the epilator. This brush is used to dust off the hairs in the epilator and to clean it.

The brushes that come with epilators are usually small and they usually come with very long bristles. These brushes can be used to brush off all the loose hair in the various parts of the epilator, even reaching all the crevices and removing hair from those areas. It might be a good idea to do this brushing over a sink so that the accumulated hair can just be washed into the plug. Another unique method of removing hairs from the epilator is to have it be blasted with a hair dryer to get rid of the hair in the epilator. This ought to be a last resort as the brushes these epilators come with are quite adept at getting rid of hair from inside the epilators.

Wash it Under Running Water

One of the main advantages of having a waterproof epilator is the ease of cleaning it. If your epilator happens to be a waterproof one, you can disassemble it and then have the different parts be rinsed under running water. Many people are fond of soaking the head of the tweezer is some form of dishwater. You can do this but just make sure that you are not putting the main device through this process. Only the attachments are fine to be washed under running water. Once, washed with soap, it should be rinsed very thoroughly to make sure that no soap or soap water is on the device.

Use Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol is a very good way to disinfect the device. To do this, a good method is to douse a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and then using that ball to clean the tweezers and the various attachments that may need cleaning. This is a very good way to kill bacteria that can easily lead to skin irritation and in some cases cause folliculitis. If rubbing alcohol is not at your disposal, basically any hard and clear alcohol like vodka can do the trick easily.

Dry it off

The very last step of this cleaning process is the process of drying the epilators and the different attachments that came with it.

The outside of the epilator can be dried by just patting the outside a clean piece of cloth. As for the different attachments of the epilator, you can try drying them off in sunlight by having them laid over fresh towels on a window sill. After this, it would be wise to air dry the epilator and its different parts as using cotton balls or paper towels may result in them getting stuck in the tweezers. It should be dried in a few hours and should be good as new for use again.