Finding the Best Jewelry Store in Calgary

No matter the time of the year it is or what the occasion might be, if you have ever walked down a high street or even better a cobbled pedestrian street that once used to allow vehicular traffic then you will know that the twinkling and flickering of lights in shops selling beautiful items is one that can take your breath away.

The evening has begun, the sun slipped away silently into the shadows to take rest for the night, there isn’t a breath of wind, the sky is cloudless, and all you see when you look up is a blank canvas that has exploded with sparkly confetti, it doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

Well, for some, it does



My husband and I were enjoying some time together, a rare occasion with no children, and were simply walking the boulevard and ‘being at peace.’ We would stop and look at the trinkets and food products beautifully arranged in shopfront windows, designer clothes hanging flawlessly on polished mannequins, but a sight for sore eyes is approaching a jewelry store.

No words are needed, just taking it all in fills the mind with thoughts, memories, and desires, who knew a display case had so much to offer?

Velvet boxes with wedding bands, sapphires, or diamond earrings laid out perfectly and confidently just waiting to complete a person’s dreams. Rings of all shapes and sizes, colors for every personality, and then you see it.

A section all to themselves, the wedding rings. You couldn’t think of anything prettier. They sit nestled in their silk cushions or satin-lined boxes, petite and dainty, and all is right with the world.

There seems to be an air of magic about them, each possessing their own story, and all you can think of is how the designers and creators have turned what was once a simple piece of coal essentially into one of the most sought after assets on the planet. Astounding.

For a walk down memory lane take a quick look here and relive those wonders, if only for another moment longer, life is so short, we need to live each day to the fullest.

As a woman you may think choosing a piece of jewelry is easy, this couldn’t be further from the truth when a man is looking for a piece as a proposal to his partner and invitation to spend the rest of her life with him. He may feel anxious or stressed hoping to make the best impression, needing a little guidance we have a few tips to consider.

3 tips when choosing an engagement ring

There are plenty of shops and rings on the market, some overpriced, some less so, and anything you can imagine is available somewhere or can be made to order, this is known as custom jewelry and something to look into later.

  • Budget. This may be seen as a low point but yes finance is a factor, we aren’t all with deep pockets that money is no object, even then so, should someone be wearing a rock on their hand that has the same value as owning a house? Be reasonable, know what you want to spend, price doesn’t necessarily equal style.
  • Cut and color. The fun yet tricky part, if you know what shape she likes than half the work is done, different shapes are graded and priced accordingly. Round diamonds say would be more expensive than a pear or oval cut, each beautifully, it all comes down to preference. And her favorite color is always going to be a winner, am I right?

So many options to look through and factors to consider, the list is considerably long but worth the time to research, click this link for a breakdown of what jewelers and brides consider to be the top priorities when it comes to the final decision. This refers to not only engagement rings, but diamond bracelets, made-made diamonds, and ultimately diamond rings.

  • Certification. This cannot be emphasized more, always purchase through a reliable and reputable retailer, ensure the diamond or piece you receive matches the description on the certificate (which you should get with each piece), and that you are covered in the event anything were to go wrong.

Where to shop?

Where to shop

This is the big question on everyone’s lips and if you are not going on a referral or recommendation from a friend or family member it can be daunting, and without proper research and homework to keep you grounded it soon becomes overwhelming.

Taking your time when making an important decision as well as purchase such as this is going to be key, jumping in with both feet and not looking is sure to end badly, and even worse, financially traumatizing.

Ideally, you should look for a retailer that is certified and licensed to sell the diamonds or stones you are after, these are usually displayed visibly, if you can’t see one, asking a manager should pose no problem. Any hesitation on their part should raise a red flag and it would be best to look elsewhere.

You want to be relaxed and at ease when entering the shop, if you don’t feel comfortable it is unlikely you’ll want to make a purchase there.

Companies that strive for top customer service such as Breslauer & Warren – Calgary Jewellers who have years of experience in the industry and value each customer’s time are something you should look for when beginning the next chapter of yours and your partner’s adventure.

Setting off on the right foot can lay the foundation for a happy life with years of memories to follow.

Choosing custom-made

This is the one day in your life where everyone is there to celebrate you, your moment, and without being interrupted. The finer details from the flowers, the lighting, and the font you opted for on the invitations has all be hand chosen, why would having a bespoke ring any different?

Jewelry, in general, is a symbol, a status that sets us apart, it has a vast history which you can read about here and has been around for centuries in all forms imaginable.

When it comes to designing your ring there will nothing like it in the world, a one of a kind statement that only you will be making, why wouldn’t want that for themselves and their future ‘other half?’

The greatest joy in life is for your soul to find its equal partner, someone to share your everything with and that will complete you till the end of your days.