How to clean underwear after yeast infection

Your health is Paramount, and you know what is also Paramount? The state of your underwear. The underwear is one of the most rated clothing apparel to take good care of. What majorly battles the underwear? Some yeast infection.

Let’s check out how to clean underwear after a yeast infection. Also, check here for your thong panties.

Yeast infection is one crazy vaginal infection that causes some swelling, disorganization, discomfort, and redness of the vagina and the vulva. It also affects the breasts too. It is not a good idea for nursing mothers, especially. Since your underwear is a very liable source of contacting and embracing the yeast infection, it is better to:

Prevent it

Wash your underwear constantly

You can prevent it by sleeping overnight without your underwear on. Apart from the fact that you’ll enjoy premium and fresh air, it is a viable way to avoid a yeast infection.

You can also wear cotton underwear:

It isn’t compulsory to wear thick underwear while working or sleeping. You should wear cotton, soft and simple fabric, one that is very loose, not a tight one.

Use White Vinegar to eliminate the yeast:

Now here comes the solution to killing the yeast especially when washing your clothes or when doing the laundry, it is important to add some extra motivation in order to fully get rid of the yeast off your clothes, off your panties, and off your bras. Add a cup of white vinegar, when you rinse your clothes. Just a cup, could be a glass cup, but make sure that it is one that is very sufficient.

Use hot water to wash your bra and panties:

Wash your bra and your panties in hot water. Make sure the water has a tablespoon of vinegar present in it. That is, before you wash your clothes, make sure you pour at least a tablespoon of vinegar into your already-prepared hot water. Wash it together. Then make sure you rinse it again with warm water. In all these processes, make sure you adhere strictly to using hot water to wash your clothes and rinse them. It is great wisdom to add vinegar to your clothes and to your baby’s clothes, especially if you are a nursing mother and you suspect either you or your baby has already contracted the avoidable yeast infection. Take it seriously especially when a baby is involved.

Wash your clothes, panties, and bras every day

Even if you have contracted it, it is just as important to wash your clothes, panties, and bras every day before you sleep. You should be duly informed that this yeast infection stays on your clothes, panties, and bra, and it is your sole responsibility to fight it off by washing your clothes regularly.

If you can’t wash regularly, dispose of them immediately:

It will be no bad idea if you dispose of your already-infected clothes, bras, and panties. Try as much as possible to dispose of them if you can’t keep up with washing them daily.