The Best Cars for Fashionistas

Today, women are also becoming obsessed with cars as much as men do. In fact, many women are attending automotive engineering schools, race car driving schools and top business schools to pursue their dreams of entering the automotive industry. And there are also women who buy cars to match their fashion or style. In fact, if you’re fashion-conscious and you fancy a car that can make a statement, there are lots you can choose from.

After learning how to drive, many women, especially fashionistas, start researching the best car that they will drive. Therefore, the faster you get your theory test on driving passed, the better because you will be spending lots of time in deciding what car you should get that would match your fashion style.

If you are a fashionista and you’re looking to buy your first ever car, we’re here to help you decide. Today, we are giving you a list of the best cars for fashionistas. Most of these cars are highly customizable to suit your exact preferences better.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is a car manufactured and marketed by Fiat Automobiles from 1957 to 1975. But the new Fiat 500 that you can buy today harks back to its popular predecessor. This car has been available since 2008, but it shows no signs of aging due to its retro look. This car is great for fashionistas due to its retro styling that extends to the interior. When you get inside, you will see its white steering wheel and bright color schemes.

The earlier examples of the new Fiat 500 were not really that special to drive. However, in 2010, suspension revisions were done, which improved things and added performance to the style strengths of the car.

Therefore, if your fashion style is more on the vintage style, then the new Fiat 500 is the perfect car for you.

Volkswagen Up

a red Volkswagen Up car The Volkswagen Up or marketed as “Volkswagen up!” is another great car for fashionistas. It is a city car that is part of the Volkswagen Group New Small Family series of models. This car combines loads of practicality, economical running costs, and lots of street credibility.

The model names under the Volkswagen Up are also pretty funky. This includes “High Up!”, “Take Up!”, and “Move Up!”. There are also limited-edition versions called “Rock Up!” and “Groove Up!”.

Fashionistas will surely love this car due to the different dashboard color options that it offers. This will make the car noticeably yours with the colors you will be choosing. It also has a distinctive all-glass tailgate that sets it off. And overall, this is a good car that is fun to drive.

Opel Adam

a maroon Opel Adam car The Opel Adam or known as Vauxhall Adam in the United Kingdom is a city car that is engineered and produced by the German car manufacturer Opel. This car is named after the founder of the company, Adam Opel. It is a small and highly customizable car. In fact, you can even choose the color you want for the alloy wheel spokes and select among the different interior treatments, as well. If you want a yellow dashboard for your car, you got it.

Another thing that fashionistas would love about the Opel Adam is the different exterior options that it offers, including its roof and body’s color combinations and finishes, making it look more fashionable. Opel is known to produce high volume cars, but Adam probably has more customizable options compared to any other car they offer.

The New MINI

a red Mini car The MINI is a small car made by the English-based British Motor Corporation or BMC from 1959 to 2000. In 2001, it had been revived and was a huge hit since then. Today, the MINI is in its third incarnation, and we can say that how it looks today is perfect for fashionistas out there. It features a distinctive retro styling mixed with the latest in modern technology.

What’s great about this car is that there probably aren’t two identical MINI’s that exists, because you can freely customize it with different choices of color scheme, exterior and interior treatments, and lots of optional extra list.

Just like the original MINI, it is also fun to drive, and it holds its value so well, making it a fashionista’s dream. This car is perfect for single women because space is a bit tight. It may work for a young family, but not if you have teenage kids.

Citroen DS3

a white Citroen DS3 car The DS3 is a supermini car made by the French manufacturer Citroen. This car is like MINI and Opel Adam that has lots of customizable options, making it perfect for fashionistas. It also has a distinctive style and a bit of eccentricity thrown in it.

This car will give fashionistas various paintwork combinations. In fact, you can even opt for patterned decals like polka dot and leopard prints if you want it to be more unique. Its interior is also customizable with different color combinations. Aside from its style, the Citroen DS3 is also a very good car to drive.

These are some of the best cars that fashionistas can drive. Aside from taking you to places, cars are also great fashion accessories for most people. It is something that they can also use to express their style and personality. We hope the information we shared will help you in choosing the best car that will match your fashion style.