What Type of Lingerie Looks Best on Large Breast?

The lush breasts undoubtedly adorn any woman. Luxurious forms attract the attention of men. However, not everything is so rosy for owners of a large breast. It is rather difficult to choose bras of high quality and big sizes. Thus, the prettiness of large breasts is at the same time a luxury that nature gives only selected ladies and a problem caused by the difficulties of choosing underwear. However, this is not the end.

If the issue of choice is more relevant for you than ever, we are pleased to inform you that you may easily order women’s leather underwear on the website Marie Mur since it makes sales of the best lingerie sets for women. You will definitely buy a set there for yourself since the purchase process is as easy as pie. In this article, you will get some useful information about lingerie suitable for large breasts.

Characteristics of Lingerie for Large Breast

The choice of underwear is always a rather difficult challenge for women with lush breasts. Therefore, we list the characteristics that are important to consider.

Wide straps

A bra with wide straps is capable of supporting breasts sufficiently. As you know, the main support is provided by the belt, however, wide straps help to correctly dispense the weight on shoulders. Moreover, wide straps look more proportionate from a stylistic perspective. In this regard, the experts of the online company Marie Mur recommend giving preference to expensive luxury women’s underwear with soft straps, filled with foam rubber.

The bones on the bra

According to specialists who work at Marie Mur, women with large breasts should choose bone brassieres because boneless bras cannot provide sufficient support for a large breast and are not capable to give breasts the correct shape. In this case, the breast can look like a shapeless mass, which is not very beautiful from an aesthetic perspective. The bones, on the contrary, raise the lush breast, give it an elegant shape and focus on the most elegant place under the rib cage.

Therefore, if you do not have any medical indications (in particular, mastopexy, mastectomy, mastitis, etc.) to wear a boneless or seamless bra, then give preference to leather harness lingerie with bones.

Multiple hooks on the clasp

You should understand that one hook cannot support the weight of large breasts. Stop the choice on models with a few hooks on the clasp. There should be at least 2, and preferably 3 or even 4. Several fasteners mean the presence of a wide belt that perfectly holds the beast and looks beautiful on the female body.

It is also important to pay attention to the material from which women’s lingerie is made. The bra for a large breast should be made of durable material. Natural fabrics are quite pleasant and look hygienic. Leather harness accessories are the perfect decoration for any woman. Choose the material that you like the most. The site Marie Mur provides you with such an opportunity!