Best Streetwear Accessories to Complement Your Sneakers

For a long time, sneaker collectors have engaged in the streetwear culture on a different level. Not only do they devote themselves to expensive and limited edition shoes, but they also put out cash on big-time clothing brands and accessories, like authentic watches, bags, and chains that match with every pair they have.

Top-earning brands like Nike and Adidas are the prime movers of the streetwear movement, along with some collaborations with artists and musicians that paved the way to the modern fashion that we have today. Consumers like us pay big amounts of money just to get what we want from these artist-inspired shoe releases, and it gets ridiculously more expensive every year.

Getting into sneakers is exciting, especially if you have an eye for what is in trend. You can see a lot of people “flexing” their shoe game along with their garment, and gaining attention from these can give you a higher social status. If you want to step up in incorporating your shoes with your whole fit, here are some accessories that can help you:

1. Watches

Investing in watches is the way to go when matching almost any pair of shoes that you have. This aesthetic-utilitarian accessory that stands out every time you go out with an outfit can contribute to accenting your clothes and your shoes.

Some watches are meant to be matched in formal wear. However, you might want to have a few timepieces that have classic colorways or accents that could play with any pair. The same goes for sports watches, but just make sure that its details do not overpower the attention of your pair.

2. Laces for your wrist

Skateboard and Rasta-inclined brand Rastaclat had also given great contributions to the sneaker culture. With its braided bracelets that looked like those of shoelaces, you can surely paint your fit that would make you look laid back yet stylish.

Other brands aside from Rastaclat are also available in many online shops and websites. It will give you the same feel of this pioneer, but can also save you big bucks especially when you want to collect a couple or more.

3. Golden touch

This is where the bling goes into place. Classic mono-block pairs like Airforce 1s and modern take on runners like Yeezys can stand out, even more, when you put some accents of gold bracelets, neck chains, and rings.

Pair your accessories and shoes with full white or black layers of long sleeves and long-back shirts and a pair of biker denim or black jeans, and you are more than good to hit downtown.

4.Sublimated socks

Not only athletes can wear knee socks. Even if you intend to go on a morning stroll in the mall or park, giving emphasis to your sneakers with the help of printed socks can help you look sporty and snazzy, nevertheless.

Brands like Vans, Carhartt, Bape, and Stance have catapulted the streetwear culture through the help of their gear, in which socks cannot be forgotten in their target market. From the crew, high, and low cut variations, consumers will have various sock-shoe combinations to think of.

5. Fanny packs

Finish your fit with a fanny pack. If you have bought a pair with prints and details that match that of your shoes, you can easily put it on like a sling bag with the pouch on your chest. Or you can just put it around your waist for a classic look.

Fanny packs in the market today are as trendy as you can imagine. Fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have been putting out their fanny packs like a necessity in the market. But if you are looking for cheaper brands, you can also try buying online or go thrift shopping for more surprising choices.


Nowadays, streetwear is becoming the highest standard of everyday fashion, and shoes are one of the best proofs of its progress. But there are also circumstances that you need to consider outside this buzz, now that you are also looking after your overall appearance with the help of clothes and accessories.

If you are planning to have a set of accessories that you can pair with your shoes, you might want to keep what is only necessary. Some may look crazy and tempting to buy but it does not give you the benefit. Pieces like watches, bracelets, and bags are way better and more versatile when bought in subtle colors and classic designs.