Best Fashion Styles Seen at the Poker Tables 

The latest fashion trends and styles take their cues from all different sources. Sometimes it’s straight from the runways where designers showcase their latest lines; other times it can be from fashion magazines or even the red carpet at movie premieres and awards ceremonies for big stars. But one area that seems to be creating its own unique fashion style and statement is the poker table. Yes, that’s right, there are some really incredible looking fashion styles seen at the poker table.

But what are the hottest and most trending styles that are popping up at these poker tables? There’s actually a real variety, depending on the venue and the players themselves. Let’s take a closer look, so you can decide if you can weave some of these trendy elements into your own wardrobe.

Give the Styles a Trial Run at Home

Before we begin, while these styles are all seen in-person at the casinos, there’s nothing to stop you from giving them a trial run at home when you’re online playing. Maybe you’re busy perfecting your own skills, learning all about jacks or better probability to improve your odds of cleaning up at the table. It the perfect time to choose your very own poker table style, so read on for some suggestions.

The Classic Dark Shades and Hoodie

There’s a good chance if you were to think of the classic poker table fashion style, you’d be quick to picture a person wearing over-sized dark sunglasses and a hoodie with the hood pulled up over their head. Sure, this is certainly a fashion statement, but there’s also a little purpose behind it.

Wearing dark shades is an excellent way to throw off other players at the table as it makes your body language harder to read. They can’t see anything in your eyes, so it helps when you’re bluffing. When you are darting your eyes across your cards and around the table, no-one can spot those tell-tale signs. It’s all about creating that cool and confident vibe in order to throw off the other players.

Now, as for the fashion side of this style, it’s got that very cool, edgy, I don’t care about anything vibe going for it. You’ll find the top professional poker players who make millions a year wearing this casual style, not just those who are playing for fun. It’s also a unisex look that works for both male and female players since it’s so laid back and focused on comfort.

In terms of the most popular styles, the hoodie and dark sunglasses probably tops the list just because it is such a widely embraced look that is easy to achieve.

Embracing the Wild West with the Cowboy Look

This one isn’t quite at the same level of popularity as the hoodie and sunglasses, but even so, you’ll see the cowboy look popping up at poker tables. This one tends to be a bit more popular in North America, however, where it’s a pretty common fashion trend to follow.

So, how do you achieve this look? You’ll need to have that perfect cowboy hat that fits just right, is worked in, and sets a statement. Again, it’s about appearing confident and strong in front of the other players, and the idea of a cowboy certainly can create that presence. It’s still common to pair sunglasses with the hat, again, to conceal the movements of your eyes.

How about the clothing with this fashion trend? There is nothing to stop you from dressing in a plaid shirt and leather vest, but typically, when it comes to the fashionable players at the table, they tend to pair a classic cowboy hat with more current and modern clothing. This allows them to put a twist on the trend and make it feel a bit more youthful and fashion-forward.

Headphones On and Too Cool for the Poker Table

If you want to embrace the “too cool for the room” vibe, then you’ll want to check out the style where the players have headphones on or hanging from their neck, again paired with a pair of dark sunglasses, of course.

This fashion statement is all about projecting the image that you’re doing everyone a favour by showing up, you’re really not that interested, and that your focus is elsewhere. Many of the professionals will even make it clear they are jamming to their beats by tapping their fingers to the rhythm, further creating that disinterested vibe.

The idea is that all the serious and ultra-competitive players at the table write you off because you aren’t focused. In reality, you’re extremely focused, darting your eyes around the table and plotting all your potential moves to win.

Keep in mind each of these fashion styles leaves room for your own unique personalisation and touches, and that is encouraged, so the look is really your own.