Summer 2021 – Hot Accessories for Torrid Days (Designer Accessories Collections to Check)

From vibrant block colors at Chanel to a monogram madness at Louis Vuitton, sharp sunglasses at Michael Kors and retro belts at Toy Burch, summer 2021 accessories go beyond the classic shiny earrings and large handbags. 

Are you in search of hot summer accessories that can level up your style game? The following paragraphs present in-vogue accessories, fashion brands suggest for the sunny season. The right accessory can take your outfit from a C to an A+ in the blink of an eye. Add to your look a pair of earrings, a hat, scarf, or handbag, and you achieve a sharp look, that makes an impression. 

Between candy-colored jewelry and croc-skin boots, we cannot decide what our favorite runway accessories are because the thing with runway trends is that not all can be worn with day-to-day outfits.  

Ready! Set! Go! Feast your eyes with the latest fad accessories fashion brands propose for the 2021 summertime. We warn you; there are some crazy hot pieces ahead. Proceed at your own risk!

Accessories that reimagine the spirit of the Nouvelle Vague from Chanel

We couldn’t expect anything less from Chanel. The brand never fails to marvel us with the clothes and accessories it presents each season. When it launched its summer collection at the Grand Palais, it brought on the runaway accessories that reimagined the youthful breeze of liberty. If the setting was coated in an ethereal allure, there’s no wonder that the accessories feature fluid textures and artistic shapes. The Artistic Director Virginie Viard worked on a line of accessories that mix simplicity with volume, and focus on the idea of feeling and capturing freedom. Because who isn’t in the search for freedom?

Chanel introduces summer accessories that accentuate the lines of clothes and counts on accessories as lively and lustrous as they bask. Each of the accessories, models wore on the runaway feature vivid touches, from vibrant hues to checks, stripes, and bold colors like orange, red, blue, and pink. And should we mention the prints? They are in unison with the clothes, ultra-graphic, customized with the letters of the brand. 

Their Chanel 19 bag makes a comeback, and it heads towards the summer in printed silk twill. However, the brand goes further with experimenting with bags and launches a line of zip-up bags made from tweed or leather that remembers the pencil cases schoolgirls used to wore in the past. Chanel interlaces its signature name in handwritten letters with a chain on the front side. It also has a line of flap bags that includes a wrist bracelet or a braid in two colors made from grosgrain ribbon. Summer accessories include more intricate details. Other Chanel bags, we spotted on the runway, have sequinned embroideries, chains, floral motifs, and beads. The brand also plays with ruffles and includes them on straps or flaps. 

Their ever-present jewelry is encrusted in pearls, crystals, strass, and signed with the Chanel Paris brand name.

For Louis Vuitton, summer brings a madness of intricate patterns

Everyone recognizes the famous Louis Vuitton monogram; the brand has played with it for years when designing accessories. For summer 2021, the brand seems to soak into a bath of patterns because all the fabrics and materials used to create accessories and clothes seem to feature a well-known monogram. 

Some would say that it’s too much to paste the same monogram over and over again on bags, jewelry, belts, sunglasses, and scarfs. Still, for fashion lovers like Devon Carlson, Aimee Song, Marie Von Behrens, and Aleali May, there’s never too much pattern on a piece of accessory. For this summer, Louis Vuitton created a scarf for every mood and function, mini backpacks worn on the arm, and scrunchies that feature an attached scarf for a stylish pony hairstyle. The summer 2021 collection plays with the classic monogram and gives timeless pieces a whimsical touch. 

Sharp sunglasses for IC! Berlin

One cannot leave the house during summer without a pair of chic sunglasses. IC! Berlin, the worldwide known German manufacturer of sunglasses and frames, has just launched a collection of stylish sunglasses. Its latest summer collection includes 12 models of classic and urban frame sunglasses. The brand is famous for the hinge-lock all its accessories feature. For the sunny season, it presents head-turning models in two-tone frames and enchanting hues like orange, blue, yellow, and pink. IC! Berlin Eyewear releases sunglasses designed for the busy city dweller, who wears sunglasses that mix sporty vibes with casual touches. Even if the brand is new, it excels at creating unique models because each pair is handmade. 

Miu Miu is all about intricate designs

The Miu Miu fashion show was a delight to watch because it presented a number of pieced-together accessories inspired by the ‘40s and ’50s, years when women were quite resourceful in dressmaking. Their entire collection is an album of emotions and sentiments with accessories that mix materials like metal, bamboo, and pearls. Each accessory is the reflection of the complexity of human feelings because people don’t feel a single sentiment at a time; they experience mixed emotions. The combination of materials, textures, and sizes of elements depicts the conflict of sentiments people are battling daily. 

Because their jewelry is intricate, they created a line of minimalist and structured bags with a sleek profile, to complement the complexity of the accessories. Middle size bags, in plain colors or non-colors like white, with chains and small embellishments, reflect the style of the brand. 

From head to toe, we now focus on the shoes Miu Miu presented on the runaway. They adorned their outfits with wooden heels, most in the form of platforms and wedges, perfect for a torrid day spent on the beach. The entire summer collection has a vintage vibe, thanks to the handcrafted details each item features. 

Here they are! The collections and brands that caught the eye this summer. Fashion brands experimented with fabrics, textures, and patterns in an attempt to upgrade their vintage items and infuse them with playful, casual vibes, perfect for a sunny day under the torrid sun.