How To Make Your Hair Less Oily

The hair is every people’s crowning glory, the icing on the cake, so to speak. Looking at it so oily and greasy is not so appealing and a bit embarrassing. This is a huge problem, especially if you are about to go on a special date. Yet, why does hair become so greasy and oily?

The oil you see in your hair is produced by sebaceous glands to hydrate the scalp and protect it. However, the amount of oil in your hair depends on different factors like your lifestyle, the hair products you use, your hair type, and a lot more. Sometimes oil accumulates on your scalp that gives the greasy and oily feelings.

If the oil is too much and you can’t really take it anymore, then try the options in this article to combat oily hair. Here are some ways on how you can make your hair fresher and less greasy, please read on.

Wash and Shampoo LESS

If you want to get rid of the oil in your hair immediately, then a shower will do the trick. The shampoo will quickly clean your hair. However, it will not make your scalp less oily or solve your main problem. 

Also, you have to be careful with how much washing you do since it can make your sebaceous glands produce more oil. It happens as a natural response of the glands to compensate for the loss of natural oils.

It is suggested to wash and shampoo your hair every other day or two times a week, depending on the accumulation of oil. Just keep in mind to wash your hair less than what you used to before. Don’t forget as well, to use the right type of shampoo for oily hair. Check if your hair products contain components that are good in clearing up the grease in your hair.

Use the Right Conditioner

Like using shampoo, it’s better to condition your hair less and try to put it only on your hair’s tips. The oil is already in your scalp, so you don’t need to get a conditioner that will add more oil to it. Hence, it is better to put it on the ends to stop split ends and to keep it nourished. 

Here are other tips regarding the use of products for oily hair:

  • Try Dry Shampoo

If your hair is oily, but you need to go out, you can try using dry shampoo. It can help you, especially if you need to go to a place with a good appearance and clean hair. Just simply spread it around your scalp to easily make your hair shiny but less greasy.

  • Avoid Hair Products That Accumulates Oil On Your Scalp

While your hair is still oily, it’s best to stay away from other hair styling products like mousse, hair spray, and gels. These products will just trap the oil in your hair, and it will just make it dirty and more greasy once it accumulates. 

No To Anything HOT

For your hair, too much heat will just make your hair produce more oil. It’s better to stay away from hot showers, hair irons, hair blowers, too much sun exposure, and the likes. These things will not help reduce your hair’s oiliness and will just disrupt the natural healing you are doing. 

Take cold showers or put your blower in a cool setting to help your hair reduce oil production. If you don’t want cold showers, lukewarm water can be used while for your hair styling tools, set it in its lowest setting. Don’t forget to use a hair cap on times when you need a shower but don’t want to wet your hair. It will make sure that your hair stays dry while you are in the bath.

Brush Your Hair Less

It is also not good to brush your hair too much as it will prompt your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. However, keep in mind that the right amount of brushing helps spread the oil in your scalp to other parts of your hair. At least brush your hair once every day for the oil to spread around and make your hair shinier. 

Reduce Touching Your Hair

Keep your hair away from your hands and face. These body parts also produce oil that may stick to your hair and make it more greasy. It’s better to stop your habit of touching your hair with your hand and just tie it up. Keeping your hair pulled back will help not to make your hair stick up on your face.


There are different reasons why hair becomes oily and greasy. There are also a lot of experiments you can try to fix it. Just remember that natural oil in your scalp helps in protecting your hair and making it healthy. You don’t need to make any drastic move to keep the oil away. 

You can try what you have read here and check if it works out for you. Don’t also hesitate to ask for the doctor’s help if you need more answers.