Sustainable Beauty Tips That You Should Adopt In Your Lifestyle

The world is slowly moving to an eco-friendly system where most people are embracing necessary measures of reducing waste like switching to a more eco friendly and plastic-free lifestyle.  The beauty industry is not left behind as men and women embrace sustainable beauty routines that help keep the environment free from toxins.

If you want to join the mass, which is already doing what it takes to make their beauty routine eco-friendly and sustainable, here are five tips that will come in handy.

Check for organic and natural ingredients

Natural and organic ingredients in your beauty products are not only healthy for your skin but also safe for the environment. These ingredients undergo environmentally friendly manufacturing. They do not release any harmful substances to the environment hence make sustainable beauty products.

Marine extracts and algae are great choices if you want to go the organic way. These products turn harmful carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is perfect for the environment and healthy for your skin.

Eco-friendly packaging

You probably know that the packaging of the products significantly contributes to the waste released to the environment. However, some beauty shops use environmentally friendly packaging. It would be best if you only went for products that are easy to recycle, such as glass bottles and paper packaging.

Also, ensure that you only buy products that use less packaging to avoid the amount of waste that ends up in the bin.

Multipurpose products

Using one product for different purposes means saving money and reducing the amount of packaging. Your skin can still glow if you use multitasking products. Several products combine different beneficial properties in one item.

For instance, you can use a powder foundation instead of buying foundation and powder separately. Or you can use foaming makeup remover with water instead of wipes. 2-in1 shampoo and conditioner is also another fabulous combination product.


Take a look at how many containers and jars you buy every time you purchase beauty products. Those containers for moisturizers or face cleansers can still serve another purpose if you don’t take them straight to the bin. You can use such containers for storage instead of throwing them away. You don’t need to buy a box for your makeup kits if you have an old one lying idle in the house.

You can also recycle the shopping bags by only buying those that you can reuse. Don’t just carry a shopping bag if you’re doing grocery shopping. Bring them along when shopping for beauty products and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the environment.

Cut back on water usage

One way to adopt sustainable beauty is to cut back on water use. Using too much water has a substantial negative impact on the environment. One way to use less water is always to ensure you don’t leave water taps running. Instead of leaving the water running, saturate a sponge with water, then use it to wipe out the makeup from your skin. Also, avoid products that list water as their main ingredient.

These are simple tips that have a positive impact on the environment as well as making a massive change in your lifestyle. It feels nice to take care of the environment and saving money in the process. Also, it’s advisable to get products and services from a credible skincare company such as Anokha that cares about the environment.